The Ins and Outs of Dogecoin

The Ins and Outs of Dogecoin


Dogecoin is a type of cryptocurrency that is now taking the casinos by storm. There are specific casinos that will take the currency along with other outlets embracing such a currency.

It may have begun as a payment system that poked fun at the wild speculation surrounding cryptocurrencies at the time, but vendors and investors are seriously considering it now. Dogecoin currency users have software engineers Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer to thank for creating the currency in the first place that we can now all benefit from.

So, if dogecoin may interest you, then read on.

Advantages of Dogecoin

Dogecoin can be used just as bitcoin is. With such a coin, you can digitally send your money internationally to anyone that accepts the currency. The payment will be fast and secure. Because the network for dogecoin has increased in recent years, you can now use it as payment with an ever-increasing list of vendors who will accept the unique token in exchange for products, services, and pleasures.


Dogecoins are considered a good investment in the spirit of investing. Who would have thought that something created by Billy Markus in just three hours would prove so popular, useful, and lucrative?

Dogecoin Casinos

If you like gambling, which is likely if you are an investor in cryptocurrencies, you will want to know that there are specific dogecoin casinos. They are new to online gambling and allow for both deposits and withdrawals in the dogecoin currency.

With dogecoin, deposits and withdrawals can be made in an instant and better loyalty rewards will be on offer from casinos when you use the currency. Who would not want the enhanced bonuses that gambling in this currency offers?


Comparisons to Bitcoin

As many will consider bitcoin the main cryptocurrency, it seems fitting to compare dogecoin with it. Particularly as it can be good to spread your investment around different cryptocurrencies.

So, both these cryptocurrencies have a 1MB block size. The only difference between them is that the bitcoin has a block time of 10 minutes compared to the 1-minute block time of the dogecoin. Not only that but the dogecoin has a deterministic inflation rate of 10,000 per block rather than the bitcoin’s supply cap limit of 21 million coins. Dogecoin is considered an inflationary coin in that respect.

Charitable Community

It is interesting to note that the dogecoin community has benefitted from many good causes. For instance, in January 2014, it donated 27 million dogecoins, the equivalent of $30,000 to fund Jamaica’s bobsled team trip at the Sochi Winger Olympic Games. Then, in March of the same year, the equivalent of $11,000 in dogecoins would fund the building of a wall in Kenya. That is just to name two good causes.

To conclude, there is no doubt that dogecoin has become a serious cryptocurrency that is proving popular among crypto investors. It is also being embraced by casinos online, which will allow players to deal in the currency. Everything is instant with dogecoins and that makes gambling so much easier for players who have their funds easily taken care of. There are even incentives offered by the casinos for paying, and being paid, this way.

So, it is time not to shy away from these types of currencies but embrace cryptocurrencies just like online casinos have. They have gambled on customers liking the payment system and this can certainly be seen to have paid off. It is, after all, a payment system that is of benefit to everyone involved in it. Players can look to increase their investment money by playing inside the online casinos. Of course, they will still think of it as real money but it will prove easier to exchange to the currency wherever in the world they are playing from.

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