Tips to Identify Fault in a Slip and Fall Injury

 Tips to Identify Fault in a Slip and Fall Injury

Slip and fall accidents can cause severe injuries like neck injuries, paralysis, broken bones, or even death in some dangerous circumstances. There are increased cases of trips and falls on ice in the Bronx. Section 16–123 of the New York administrative code states that the property owner must remove the snow within four hours after the snowfall. 

Along with these strict rules of the state, there are legal options that you can seek in case of injuries from slip and fall. You need to hire a Bronx slip and fall lawyer for compensation purposes. 

However, it is essential to track the liability of the person/people involved in the injury before pressing any charges. Here’s how you can determine the fault in a slip and fall injury.

Negligence of Snow Removal

As stated by the NYC laws, the property owners in Bronx must remove the snow after the snowfall within 4 hours. The snowfall at night, from 9 p.m. to 7 a.m., is not included in the time period provided in the state laws. The laws specifically apply to only the sidewalks in front of the commercial buildings, apartments, churches, or vacant lots in the city. 

One more important aspect is the family size; the law only applies to more than three residential properties. So, before determining the fault in case of such injuries, you should consider these factors.

Various Exceptions in the Law

The NYC laws concerned with the dangerous circumstances caused by snow are subjected to various exceptions and variations. You should consult an experienced Bronx slip and fall lawyer for understanding such exceptions in the law. The law might straight away deny your lawsuit if it does not comply with the exceptions stated in the state laws. 

For example, leaking drains that might freeze into ice and cause any injuries might be an exception to the rule. So, you should carefully understand such exceptions and variations and then file the lawsuit.

Evidence Supporting the Injuries

You should collect enough evidence that proves the guilt of the opponent party. You should click pictures of the incident, the property to support your lawsuit. Take contact information of the witnesses that were around at the time of the accident. 

In case of severe accidents or if you have lost your loved one in the incident, you can also involve the local Bronx police or take some help from the local news channels in Bronx that were there at the time of the incident. 

Also, make sure that you have the hospital bills and reports of the injury for claiming compensation. This will solidify your case and will help you in the legal procedure in the further process.

Hire a Bronx Personal Injury Lawyer

You should definitely consider taking legal help from the Bronx Personal Injury Lawyer for identifying the party or the person at fault. Your lawyer will make all such necessary arrangements of the evidence that you might not be able to do. They know all the state laws and all the relevant experience in such kinds of cases. They will determine the party at fault and press the charges against them to receive the rightful compensation. 

In many cases, more than one person might be responsible for the injury. Your lawyer will help you recover the costs involved in medical treatment. In any severe cases, the lawyer will help you compensate for any disability or pain and suffering. In the event of the death of your loved one, they will provide the rightful compensation for the deceased’s family.

So, depending on the type of injury caused by the fall and slip, seek consultation of a Bronx personal injury lawyer.


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