Top Cloud-Based File Sharing Solutions For Business

It’s not an unlikely occasion to see a business owner using more than two or three devices to access all of their documents during a presentation or meeting.  With the creation of the “cloud”, and recent progress in technology, you shouldn’t have to juggle more than one device for all of your file storage needs.

Cloud storage services tend to several of your file sharing needs all at once.  The “cloud” is like a web-based external hard drive, except you don’t have to worry about lugging around all that heavy hardware.  You can access your necessary files anywhere you go.  Whether you have a big meeting to plan for, or a pitch presentation coming soon, cloud-based storage will be your right hand partner.  You will save on paperwork and headache just the same.

Here are a few of the top cloud-based storage services available today.


Most of you are familiar with Dropbox, and if you’re not… you should be!  It’s a very easy to use setup that will synchronize your desktops, encrypt your information files, and give you 2GB of storage for free on the most basic account.  If you pay for the more expansive version of the membership, you will gain access to a hundred gigs of storage space for only about ten dollars a month.  That’s not a bad price for all of the convenience this will add to your business management services.


Google Drive

Google Drive has found abundant success since its integration with Gmail and all the other different apps Google offers.  This storage service gives you fifteen gigs of storage for free, but it’s linked to all of your different Google storage apps.  So be careful  not to underestimate how much storage you’re actually getting.  If you’re willing to pay for storage, you can get up to sixteen terabytes of storage.  Plus, Google is a moderately dependable corporation.  Big names speak loud.


This service is best for a small business or maybe just a home office.  This service gives you an excellent source for protecting your data files and recovery services.  Just like all the other services, you will have access to your files, anywhere and anytime you need them.  You can use this service to store your documents, spreadsheets, emails, pictures, and many other different types of files.  It’s a great overall functional storage service for small businesses.


This service is unique, as it lets the user combine their storage needs with a revolutionary backup service.  This program will never let you lose your files.  You have to intentionally dispose of anything you are working on, otherwise it will be forever available for viewing.  It also has the capability to see what data you already have backed up, and pass over that.  This way you don’t end up with several copies of the same file every time you upload your documents.

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