Is It Time To Replace Your Roof?


The roof of your home serves many purposes, the most important of which is to keep the elements out of you home. If you didn’t have a roof you would have rain, snows, leaves, and everything else the elements have to offer would be in your home.

However, the roof that is on your home isn’t going to last forever. There are signs you can look for in order to know when it’s time for a new roof. And, sometimes there are circumstances where even a new roof will need to be replaced all too soon.

It’s Too Old

Even if you don’t notice visible signs of the age of your roof, and you know that it is 20 years old, or more, then it’s pretty likely that it is time for a replacement. While older roofs have a good chance of failing, younger roofs can have issues as well. If your roof is old and you’re not experiencing leaks, you may still want to do an inspection to see if their are signs of age or issues.

There Are Signs Visible

While it may not be safe for your to climb up there on your own, if you have a ladder and know how to use it you may be able to at least take a peek and see if any of the shingles on your roof are lifting or curling, a definite sign they need to be replaced.

You can also get a look from inside, if you have an attic. When it’s daylight outside and you have the curtains down and lights off do you see any light shining through the roof? That’s not a good sign.

You’re Experiencing Leaks

Although if you don’t have leaks it doesn’t mean that you don’t have roof issues, leaks can be one of the signs that your roof needs a replacements. Leaks don’t always make it into visible areas and you could have water damage and rot under your roof, hard to detect if you don’t have an attic.

You Have Storm Damage

Storms can cause major damage to your whole home, but even some strong winds can damage your roof. If you’ve just been through a major storm you definitely want to check your roof so that you can get your insurance to cover any storm damage.

Start by checking the ground for any shingles that may have blown off. Look for other signs of damage from the ground, and then take some time to check it out from roof level, even if that means calling a professional in to check it out.

Roof damage can lead to other major problems. If you have major leaks it can lead to rotting and even mold problems. It’s important to deal with your roof issues immediately.

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