Top Online Platforms For Charity Fundraising

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Technology is booming.  We all know this.  Now you should learn how to utilize this “booming” technology to your benefit, and help a whole lot of people in the process.  It’s called crowdfunding.  If you’re not familiar with the term, its definition reads: the practice of funding a project or venture by raising many small amounts of money from a large number of people, typically via the internet.  So here are just a few of the best ways to incorporate crowdfunding in your charity assistance drive.

You should know…

You should know that not all crowdfunding is the same.  There are two different types of crowdfunding.  Those being investment crowdfunding and donation-based funding.  Investment crowdfunding is where business owners offer up some part of their company’s shares for a charitable donation.  Donation-based funding is just as it sounds.  People simply give of their finances to help support a specific cause or need.  There are also several different crowdfunding sites that are focused around different types of need.  Musicians will find a site that caters to their niche, and a small business owner might find the same site useless.  So make sure to thoroughly research a few different sites before you choose to begin working with one of them.


This is a site driven towards the arts of almost any sort.  Artists use this site mainly to raise money to fund their creative projects.  This isn’t really a business owner or charitable type site, it’s specific to funding things such as art creations and pre-selling a music album.  Kickstarter is one of the older crowdfunding platforms.  It’s had years to perfect its services.  Kickstarter has been responsible for funding many break-out artists since its creation.


This site is driven by event fundraising and more personal fundraising occasions.  Founded by Edward Norton, the site is more high profile because of the big names that helped create it.  When you use this site, there are incentives.  They offer a point system, and you can earn points for different aspects of the site that you utilize.  You can save your points and win prizes.  They’re pretty decent prizes, too.


Go Fund Me is a very popular personal fundraising website.  Here you can raise money for any sort of cause you wish, personal or charity driven.  You actually get bonus perks for making donations to charities.  This site is more popular with young people because of its ability to work through Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites.  You basically just build a page for your cause, share it on your social media sites, and go from there.  If you have tons of friends and network often on these sites, you would probably want to go with this website for all your crowdfunding needs.

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