Daily Mail Rewards Login – Detailed information about Rewards Program

Daily Mail Rewards:

Here we have discussed the daily mail rewards and the ways to claim and redeem your rewards. First of all, let me explain to you what are these rewards. I don’t know whether you will believe it or not, but can you believe that you can earn money just by reading newspapers daily? Surprising isn’t it? Okay now, let me explain to you what are the daily mail rewards. Beforehand let’s see what and who is this daily mail company.

Daily Mail:

The daily mail British company is a newspaper company that runs from the year 1896. Also, they have launched the sister concern newspaper in the year 1982. The newspaper was named like the mail on Sunday. Also, this company maintains an e-newspaper website online. The content also appears there. The one thing that is to be noted is that the e-version of the newspaper and the offline version of the newspaper has two different editors and are independent of each other. This newspaper brand is one of the most reputed ones in and around the UK.

Daily Mail Rewards Program:

The daily mail rewards  program is used to reward the loyal readers of the newspaper online. It is basically started by a UK company. The mail rewards program will reward the readers with some gifts that users are very happy to receive. You can also log in online to view the daily mail rewards. This newspaper gets circulated from Monday to Saturday and those are normal copies but on Sunday the company releases a special copy that has a lot of news sections.

This program was initially started in the year 2011 in the month of June. Every month the reward program is conducted and the prizes are handed over to the winners. So far a prize amount of up to 20 million euros has been handed over to the people who actively participate in the competition and won.

How does this rewards program work?

The process of this rewards is that you have to collect the cards from the Saturday and Sunday special editions of the newspaper. If you have collected a certain amount of cards you can log in to your account online and can claim the reward. In order to use this reward, you have to join first in the mail rewards club. You need to collect a certain number of unique cards in order to collect the rewards.

Steps to win the rewards:

  1. In order to win the reward first you need to register with the Mail Reward club.
  2. You must be a regular reader of the Daily Mail newspaper.
  3. You must have the patience to collect those every weekend.
  4. You must be willing to give up personal details such as an address, phone number, and email id.
  5. And a bank account to collect the prize amount.

Step by step guide to register into Daily Mail Online rewards:

Daily Mail Rewards

Few steps are there are to be followed for successful registration. Let me explain each of those steps in brief.

  1. To start registration we need to navigate to the site http://mailonline.co.uk/rewards/
  1. On the website you can see a link to login to the website. Click on the link now. If you already registered on the website you can directly login to access the member area. If you have not registered then you can register first before logging into the website.
  1. If you have not registered then you can see a register button on the right corner of the website. You can click on it and register.
  1. On clicking the register you will be asked to enter few details namely, email address details (You might be asked to confirm the email id by sending a confirmation email), username (select a username that is less used), password (use a password that is hard to guess or crack), confirm password, city, country and also you have to solve the captcha.
  1. Once you are done filling in all the details you can click on the submit button. Once submitted you are successfully a member of the daily mail rewards .
  1. Also after the registration you will get a unique card with a unique number that will identify you personally.

Login to access Daily mail rewards:

Here are the steps to log in to access your  rewards. Don’t skip a step every step is important.

  1. Go to the daily mail rewards website. The URL is http://mailonline.co.uk/rewards/
  2. Now you will have the username and password column. Type in the username and password to login to the website.
  3. Once login you can access the complete rewards and data.

Daily Mail Rewards Login

Methods to claim your Daily mail rewards:

  1. Go to the login page and enter the credentials to log in to the page.
  2. Once login you need to enter your unique number (12 digits) in the column provided.
  3. Each unique number that you receive from the saturday and sunday edition paper will have some unique points.
  4. If you have assembled some points like 1500 points then you can cash out those points.
  5. For each unique number from the saturday paper will have up to 100 points and each sunday paper will give you around 150 points.
  6. After collecting a certain number of points you are eligible to collect the prize money.
  7. Once you enter the unique number you will get to know the reward for this unique code.
  8. Then there will be a button known as redeem. You can redeem to get the offer.

The thing to note: Before you request the reward you need to make sure you have provided the valid address to the website. Only then you can get your rewards at the right address.


The above is the summary of the details about the Daily Mail newspaper. Make sure to visit the URL https://mailonline.co.uk/rewards  to get your rewards anytime. If you ever get any errors or any problems you face while logging into the daily mail website then you can write a comment below and we will look into the matter. We will help you to get it solved.

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