5 Daily Pre-Opening Tasks for a Retail Store Manager

Every new retail supervisor will eventually face the task of opening the store alone with no senior manager around to oversee the process. If you work for a smaller, private company, it may be up to you to implement your own procedures to ensure the store is ready at opening time.

Here are a few general tasks to get you started:

5 Daily Pre-Opening Tasks for a Retail Store Manager

1. Check the Building for Security Issues

When approaching the store and unlocking the doors, you should keep an eye out for any physical damage or signs of a break-in. If you believe you see the after-effects of foul play, do not open your doors to the public and call the authorities immediately.

2. Start Computers and Electronics

Next, start up your systems, such as environmental controls, computers and any specialty equipment that needs to warm up before customers arrive. Check your phone lines and broadband services Los Angeles to make sure you’re connected.

3. Prepare the Front Counter

Initialize your point-of-sale system and perform any daily preliminary operations required. Count the cash drawers and make sure they are well-stocked with small bills and coins for change.

4. Tidy Displays and Merchandise

Scan the sales floor and look for any housekeeping issues that were missed by the cleaning staff. Straighten displays and restock shelves; a full store generally looks healthier than bare racks and endcaps.

5. Review for the Day Ahead

Check the schedule so that you know which employees are working and when they are due to start. If you have daily sales goals, it can be productive to write it somewhere you and your workers can see. Visualization is often an effective method of reaching your target.

A successful start to the business day begins with proper preparation. The name of the game is routine, and developing a regular task list is the first step in the daily playbook.

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