Four Reasons New Build Homes Are Great

Buying a house can be a stressful time. Not only are there plenty of properties on the market, but there are also so many variations. From townhouses to bungalows, detached homes to apartments, the real estate market is flooded with different property types. However, not all of these properties are suitable for homeowners, but thankfully, there are plenty of new homes being built, creating many more options. Plus, with the population continuing to grow, more and more homes are needed. It is for these reasons that property developers, like those responsible for the Highland Bridge development, have come up with some unique home solutions for homebuyers. 

Not every property development is built the same, and some developers have different priorities when it comes to building new homes. One of the most significant considerations with the Highland Bridge development is luxuriousness and creating a tranquil, relaxing, and sustainable environment. Other developments may focus on space-saving construction methods or even apartment buildings. Whatever the choice, new builds often make for great homes and here’s why. 

Blank canvas 

Perhaps one of the most exciting things about buying a new build is that nobody has ever lived in it before, and it’s an entirely blank canvas. There’s nothing on the walls, no scuffs on the floors and no horrible carpets. New build homes are bought empty, so any furniture, paint or accessories can be used to furnish the place. Not only does this mean that homeowners can add their own flair to the property, but it’s easy to unpack the moving boxes and move straight in. 

Modern living

All new homes are built with modern furnishings. The majority of appliances installed, such as boilers, ovens, and heating systems, are all fitted with the latest technology. Not only is this great for homeowners as they have reliable appliances, but it also makes the home more efficient.  Additionally, the home will be fitted with more modern aspects throughout the house. Things like sleek shower trays, attractive taps, and towel rails, are all part of a contemporary design. Modern flooring can also be installed, such as hardwood or laminate flooring as well as neutral toned carpets. Like those on the Highland Bridge development, smart features can also be included for more advanced properties. 

Incentives from developers

Once homes have been built, developers want to sell them. One way they can do this is to entice homeowners with incentives. These incentives can vary, and it depends on what the developers think is enticing. In some homes, it could be a particular flooring being laid free of charge; it could be that developers will offer to cover the closing costs; it could even be developers laying a lawn as those can become quite costly. Whatever it may be, it’s something that’s an added bonus of buying a property. It’s something that’s not available when purchasing a home from other homeowners. 


With new build properties, as everything installed is new, there is usually a warranty on different items. Appliances will often come with their own manufacturing warranties, but the house will also come with warranties. If within a year something breaks or isn’t functioning as it should, the developers can return to the property and resolve the issue. Many developers have warranties on their homes for many years, but it depends on who the development team are. 

There are also many other benefits to new build homes such as open-plan living, lower energy bills thanks to modern instalments, and even the possibility for shared ownership, which is ideal for first-time buyers wanting to get onto the property ladder. Plus, buying a new build home from a developer may be more affordable than building a house from scratch. 

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