How John Branca Attorney Can Help Female Celebrites

Take a moment and picture this: a strong, talented, successful businessperson making significant contributions to a massive industry. Who do you see in your mind? Are they male or female?

How John Branca Attorney Can Help Female Celebrites

Chances are, the fictional person you just imagined was male. You can thank the media for subconsciously giving you that impression. Why are female celebrities portrayed differently in the media? How can the press damage a female celebrity’s reputation? Most importantly, how can lawyers like John Branca Attorney help?

Female Portrayal in the Media

Males and females have been portrayed differently in the media since its creation. Many female characters have unrealistic bodies, drastically altered features that only plastic surgeons can create. Actual figures are then measured against these unrealistic representations, leading to judgment and shame. This can be damaging to a female celebrity’s self-esteem and public image.

Bodies aren’t the only thing that is skewed in the media’s eyes. Female roles and abilities are a well. The Gender Bias in Advertising study brought the shocking truth to light in cold, hard numbers: Men are featured twice as much as women in advertisements. In movies, female characters only receive half as much screen time as male characters. And less than 5% of women are cast in roles with Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) careers.

Protecting the Female Celebrity Image

With such bias stacked against them, it’s no wonder female celebrities are often crushed by media scandals. The truth is, powerful men usually skate through a media embarrassment, while women are marked forever. They are constantly scrutinized by the media, any unusual move leading to false reports or accusations of wrongdoing.

Fortunately, female celebrities can take a stand to protect their image from media damage. A lawyer’s job is not just about winning cases – they also have an ethical responsibility to provide their clients with sound legal advice that best serves their needs. Top celebrity lawyers like John Branca Attorney understand how challenging it is to maintain a favorable media profile. Lawyers can help celebrities defend themselves from these gender bias behaviors by establishing a clear defense strategy.

Hear John Branca Attorney discuss how negative publicity and media opinion can impact a celebrity’s image:

A celebrity’s public image can be critical to their success. John Branca Attorney has decades of experience and impressive background in the entertainment industry. If you require legal representation that will work wonders on your behalf, turn to an attorney you trust.

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