Past Cases Proving a Criminal Attorney Will Make a Difference

Past Cases Proving a Criminal Attorney Will Make a Difference

There is no doubt that criminal attorneys can make a big difference to the outcome of a legal case. We only have to examine criminal cases from the past to find this out. If you are being accused of a crime, you will want the right attorney on your side to best defend you. That is one with extensive legal knowledge in the area requiring defense, and also one that can, through their experience of courtroom dramas, persuade a jury in the right direction, who will after all be the ones who ultimately decide innocence or guilt. Then, your attorney will remain on your side, should the guilty verdict be declared. 

This means they can fight your corner when it comes to explaining to a judge that there are mitigating circumstances they should take into account when sentencing.

Martha Stewart

If you find yourself accused of fraud, it is hopeful to think of the case of Martha Stewart in 2003, whose case was related to insider trading. Although being found guilty on nine counts, which included obstruction of justice and fraud related to securities, she was found not guilty concerning having falsely claimed that there was an agreement to sell her shares of Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia where the prices fell. So, it just goes to show that while you can be found guilty of some charges, others can still be fought with a good attorney on your side to avoid an even higher sentence.

Belva Gaertner

It might have happened back in 1924, but the case of Belva Gaertner proves that juries can be swayed by their own opinions. This means that a highly trained criminal attorney can put the right thoughts into the minds of jury members to achieve the best possible outcome for their client.

This case relates to Gaertner’s arrest in Chicago for the murder of automobile salesman Walter Law, who was found shot in Gaertner’s car. The short trial found Gaertner acquitted by an all-male jury because in Illinois, women were not allowed to serve until 1939. The attorney defending here was able to play on the fact that his jury would be of a certain mind in that they would not believe such a crime by the female accused was possible. Jury members will have already decided on opinions, and it is for both the defense and prosecution to change that. May the best male or female defense attorneys prove the case to their advantage. You want the successful one working for you.

Sean Ellis

Like the above case, where preconceived ideas make a difference, is the case of Sean Ellis. He was a black man wrongly convicted of the murder of a white policeman in 1993. It was only recently he was exonerated. Juries are more diverse these days, but it cannot be underestimated how swaying a jury’s opinion could make all the difference. A good investigative attorney may also help with uncovering the truth and so avoid cases where justice does not prevail and someone falsely accused ends up in prison for a long period.

So, be familiar with the attorneys that are making the difference, and choose one specific to the area of law that you are being accused of breaking, should you find yourself in that kind of trouble.

So, a few examples here of how criminal attorneys can make a difference. We have to bear in mind that attitudes have changed, but there will be jurors who keep the same opinion that their parents had and will require great persuasion to change their thinking. You might think that they should not end up as jurors but many will keep that opinion to themselves until they have the power to exercise that right. All you need are a few jurors who are easily influenced by one juror and a case can quickly turn against an accused. To prevent this from happening, the communication skills that are part of the legal profession need to be exploited to put your case forward. 

An attorney will be your chief communicator and the one you need on your side to deliver the right message.

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