4 Reasons to Buy a Home in Wilmington, NC

Wilmington in North Carolina offers many benefits for house buyers looking to settle there. This article will explore the reasons for the popularity of Wilmington, NC Real Estate.

Parks, Recreation, and Dining

North Carolina can offer residents recreational activities that range from beach swimming to fresh or saltwater fishing to mountain skiing. Also, on offer are hunting, birdwatching, rock climbing, caving, ballooning, and biking.

Located in New Hanover County, Wilmington is considered one of the best places to live because it has a lot of coffee shops, restaurants, and parks. Fine dining is also on offer. A good deal of professionals will live in Wilmington. The political views of residents tend to be moderate. So, it is a pleasant place to live.

Views, Entertainment, and History

The Blue Ridge Mountain of the Shining Rock Wilderness region will provide the most magnificent views for anyone living in Wilmington.

Concert halls provide entertainment in North Carolina.

In Kill Devil Hills, you can expect to find a Wright Brothers National Memorial. It commemorates the first successful and sustained power flight in a machine heavier than air. It took place on 17th December 1903 at Kitty Hawk in North Carolina. Orville and Wilbur Wright will forever be remembered for this flight which demonstrated that air travel was possible. The memorial was first authorised in March 1927 and then transferred to the War Department of the National Park Service in August 1933, becoming a national memorial when renamed by Congress in December 1953.

What Residents Can Say North Carolina is Famous For

When you move into an area, it is good to be able to mention to others just what the area you live in is famous for. With North Carolina, it can be said that it is famous for the Tar Heel State, the Nation’s largest private residence, higher education, its beaches, and the first flight as mentioned above.

Tar Heel State is the stuff of legends. There is a claim that during the Civil War the soldiers “stuck to their ranks” like their heels had tar on them.

The largest private residence in the U.S. is in Asheville, North Carolina. The whole estate is 10.86 square miles of land. The house has 178,926 square feet of floor space. The house was built by George Washington Vanderbilt II between 1889 and 1895 and is currently owned by his descendants. The dining table extends to 40 feet and can seat 60 guests. A banquet area has three fireplaces, no less. The swimming pool has underground lighting.

The beaches are considered a preferred destination for people living in Carolina as much as for those who visit.

Higher education will be important to those wanting to educate their children in the best place possible. North Carolina is home to 205 universities and colleges, consisting of 75 public colleges and 49 private ones. Wilmington’s public schools are highly rated.

Cost of Living in Wilmington is Affordable

The cost of living in Wilmington can be considered reasonable and affordable as it is in reality 4% lower than the national average. Groceries, transportation, and utilities are all below-average costs. This makes it a place that is affordable to live in and so one that should be considered on a list of places to live. More luxuries can be afforded in areas where the living costs are lower. More luxurious real estate can be purchased in comparison to other areas where a lesser alternative has to be found to compensate for living in a more expensive area.

If you want a better idea of Wilmington, then it is useful to look at a guide about what to do in Wilmington when visiting it for the first time. This gives a good idea of just what the place has to offer long term. 

To summarize, there are many reasons to buy real estate in Wilmington. The parks and recreational facilities offer a multitude of activities to enjoy. There are mountainous views and famous monuments, such as that of the Wright Brothers, to be discovered. There are many things that North Carolina is famous for and education is an important part of that. Then, the cost of living will be affordable, which means that Wilmington is worth a closer look when it comes to looking for real estate for you and your partner, and perhaps an extended family, too.

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