3 Reasons to Make Your Local Church a Part of Your Finances

3 Reasons to Make Your Local Church a Part of Your Finances

When it comes to giving, there can be no better place to donate to than your local church. They not only provide a place of worship but are an important part of the community in terms of the help and support they provide in times of hardship and grief. Like us all, though, they have expenses, the building itself one of them. So, this article will look at the reasons why we should include our local church as an expense in our budget. With companies such as mobileAxept offering apps to make donations easier, there is nothing to stop us from supporting our local church by making regular payments to them.

Following the Bible

The bible informs us that tithing is the way of showing how much we trust our God. That is with our lives and our finances. 

Tithing is about giving a tenth of your salary to your church. If we all do this then their survival will be guaranteed. To lose a place of worship because it could not survive financially would be unthinkable. To see a church used for another activity than worship is okay for occasional fundraising activities but would be something difficult to bear in the longterm if no pastor could be funded to carry out the services there. To see a church close its doors because there was no money to repair its roof would be like seeing the heavens open, and that would only make matters worse.

Keeping the Church Running

We often see stories of pastors running for charity. This is because it costs a lot of money to run a church or the group of churches they preside over. There is their salary, the church lighting, and the needs of the community to fund. Charity comes at a cost even though it only needs to pay for itself. So, churches rely on the kind and charitable donations of their parishioners to survive and carry on their good work for the community. The church is a base for people to worship, to get over grief, and to contemplate matters too difficult to get their head around in other environments. Pastors are always on hand to talk to us and that is only made possible because of donations that pay for their salaries and the other costs incurred in supporting a community through worship and good deeds.

There will be those who dream of their wedding at a church they hope will still be standing and open for their ceremony. Christenings and funerals rely on churches to take place and are more meaningful when held at a local church. They should be at a church that you regularly attend.

Bereavement Services

There is nobody more understanding or knowledgeable in bereavement than a pastor or similar religious figure. They are trained to talk sympathetically and empathetically with relatives who are in the process of grieving. It is comforting to relatives to know that the same pastor will be conducting the funeral service. Families find much comfort in pouring their hearts out to church representatives. Religion can help during difficult times. Confessions are another way that people receive peace of mind. They are conducted confidentially in church environments.

In summary, to follow the bible we need to think about tithing and the act of giving part of our salary to support our local church. We should think about all the money that is needed for a church to merely survive. Also, about the services that a church offers to its community that nobody can afford to lose. None of us want to travel out of our area to a church far away on a distant hill when there is one practically on our doorstep that generations have attended, and that offers support to us in all kinds of ways we could not obtain elsewhere. So, we should embrace technology and use the apps available to us and donate to our local church.

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