Repurpose Your Old Phone: 5 Clever Ways to Do It

If you’ve been throwing out your old phone, it may be time to do some repurposing. For example, you might be able to turn your old phone into a wireless mouse or eReader, a home security system, or an alarm clock. Check out these five imaginative ways to use an outdated phone.

Sell Your Old Phone 

Before recycling your old phone, consider what you’re willing to accept for money. Finding out how much you can get for your phone will help you make the most of your money, as most phones are expensive. Compare costs at various recycling businesses to get the most terrific deal on your old phone. To compare pricing amongst the top American cell phone recycling businesses, utilize a website or electronic device trade-in kiosk like ecoATM. However, what is ecoatm?  EcoATM has transformed the concept of a cash machine into a market for clever secondhand devices. These machines will examine your gadget, offer you a trade-in quote that may seem like science fiction, and if you accept that figure, they will take your device and spit out cash. Such organizations contribute so much to improving the environment as they focus on recycling. There are ecoATMs near me positioned in public areas to collect your discarded electronics. 

Turn It into a Wireless Mouse

If you have an old phone, you can turn it into a wireless mouse or trackpad. You can install an application on your phone called Remote Mouse. You’ll be able to manage your computer from your phone. It’s easy to use and much easier on your fingers than a standard mouse. You can also keep your old phone in your glove compartment for emergency calls.

A wireless mouse is an excellent solution for people with problems with their mouse or trackpad on their laptop. First, install the app, then use wifi or Bluetooth to connect your phone to your computer or desktop. Several wireless mouse apps are available for Android, so you can choose the best one.

In addition to turning your phone into a wireless mouse, you can also use it as a media player remote. You can even use your smartphone as a trackpad on your PC. This feature is excellent for watching videos or mirroring the screen on your laptop. Even VLC and YouTube can be controlled with a phone. Although this is a convenient solution, it still falls short of the ideal scenario.

Turn It Into an eReader

If you want to turn your old phone into an eReader, there are a few options that you can consider. The first option is to update the software on your device. This will let you keep iOS 5 and all of your previous apps. The next option is more creative.

Turn It Into a Home Security System

If you have an old phone and you are looking to get more use out of it, you can turn it into a home security system. Not only can you install this on your phone, but you can also use it as a camera to monitor your property. You can install this on your front door, hallway, staircase, living room, kitchen, or yard, to keep an eye on things.

Several apps out there turn your old phone into a home security system. AlfredCamera is one of them. This free app uses the front and back cameras of the phone to monitor your home. The front camera does not need to be on to record; you can even set the camera to record at specific times. This means you don’t have to worry about overheating or overusing your phone.

Android phones are great for worthwhile projects. They have sophisticated software and hardware. You can build a home security system using the right apps without spending much money.

Turn It Into an Alarm Clock

If you have an old phone lying around and no longer need it, there are several ways to turn it into an alarm clock. For starters, you can download a clock app to your phone. Some examples include the Alarm Clock Xtreme app, Sleep as Android and the Voice Snooze Alarm app. Another option is to use a TuneIn radio app. These apps allow you to listen to and wake up to your favorite radio stations. They also have a sleep timer built into them, which means you can set them to wake up at various times.

If you have an old smartphone, you can also use it as a wifi hotspot. To use the hotspot, connect it to a charger and then turn on the wifi. Once wifi is connected, you can use it as an alarm clock or a table clock. You can also use apps like Night Clock or Alarm Clock free to make the most of the functionality.

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