Pros and Cons of Home Security Cameras

Everyone wants to feel safe at home, and to meet this need plenty of companies have come up with do-it-yourself home security cameras. You can easily order a security system online, have it delivered to your home, and set it up all on your own. No longer are oilfield security cameras or office park security systems the only video surveillance systems. With so many homeowners opting to go with more high-tech security, you might want to consider the pros and cons of cameras before you opt in yourself.


The first pro of using home security cameras is that you can easily monitor the activities around your house from anywhere in your life. If you need to check if a package has been delivered, pull up the front door camera. If your neighbor heard a strange noise in your backyard, check it out on your phone. Cameras around your house can also help to protect against people stealing your packages during the day. Most thieves who see a camera pointed at them won’t go ahead with taking your things. On the plus side, if someone does steal your packages, you have their face on video to show to the authorities, which gives you a better chance of recovering your items and bringing the perpetrator to justice.


Some people feel having everything around their home recorded is an invasion of privacy because that data is typically stored by the company you bought your equipment from. There’s also the downside of having to purchase expensive equipment to get started. Even the cheapest systems usually cost a few hundred dollars. Another drawback is that vandals or burglars might destroy your cameras before they invade your home, adding another cost to their crime.

Home security systems can be great for piece of mind, but have their drawbacks as well.

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