Is Your Business Keeping Up With Point of Sale Industry Changes?

The way people interact with their favorite retailers is changing on an almost daily basis. From paying via phone to requesting email receipts, there are many ways the Point of Sale landscape is changing.

After becoming a staple in the industry, Booker POS products are continually advancing to keep up with these changes. Here are a few reasons why staying up-to-date with technology can greatly benefit your business.


In order to stay abreast with consumer trends, Booker has revamped much of its product lineup. One of the biggest changes recently has to be the release of the new clover station, rife with improvements.

  • Chip reading integration
  • Larger screen
  • Dynamic software for restaurants
  • Customer-facing printer and display
  • Timesheet organizational tools
  • Fingerprint scanning
  • Inventory management

With these critical updates, Clover devices will be able to handle the rigorous needs of any major business, allowing customers and employees to seamlessly integrate new payment methods and transaction services. In addition, managers will have much more control via the kiosk than ever before.


While a universal POS kiosk is great, sometimes it’s beneficial to cut the cord. Having tools like the Clover Flex allows for nigh limitless interaction with customers in an easy-to-use handheld device that acts almost identically to its stand-alone brethren.

Capable of doing almost as much as larger POS device , the Flex lets you go directly to customers’ tables, take payment, adjust tip and print receipts all in an instant. Furthermore, the Flex is perfect for shifting venues and shops that are constantly on the move like food trucks and craft fair denizens, all with wireless and 3G data processing.

With POS technology changing, it’s becoming easier than ever before to incorporate merchant services into your business. Search for deals and news online for more information about Booker POS devices and other tech that will take your retail business further!

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