When is it Time to Sell ?

when to sell home

As much as you love your home, there comes a time when you realize that you might be outgrowing it. Is it time to sell? Before reaching out to a mortgage lender at Sun West Mortgage, decide if selling your home is the right choice for you and your family.

It’s Too Big or Small

You were starry-eyed when you first saw this house and were approved for it by Sun West Mortgage. It was the perfect size when you moved in! As time passed and family dynamics changed, however, the size of the home didn’t.

  • Is the house too big? It’s nice to have extra space, but too much of it can be overwhelming. Does the square footage of your home work for how you and your family use it, or is there too much house for you?
  • Is the house too small? Maybe you were single when you moved in, but have since gotten married and had children. Your 1-bedroom, 1-bathroom house was ideal for you then, but it might not work anymore.

Your Needs Aren’t Being Met

Your home must work for you. If you discover one day that your needs aren’t being met, it might be time to put it on the market. This might mean:

  • There is not enough storage.
  • You have no space for work/hobbies.
  • The neighbors are bothersome.

Moving is a big decision. Know whether your home still works for you and your family, or if it’s time to say goodbye to it.

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