How To Make Your Fixer-Upper Feel Like Home

There are many benefits to moving into a used house: affordability, location and timeliness, to name a few. On the other hand, entering another family’s space has its drawbacks. You will likely need to dedicate some time to renovating, reorganizing and cleaning the house to make it feel like your own. There are several simple steps you can take to ensure you and your family settle in as soon as possible.

Get Major Remodeling Out of the Way

When you first walk through a house you are considering buying, there will likely be some obvious changes you wish to make. Older homes can contain outdated architecture that may make your new space seem crowded or disconnected. It is best to make any large structural changes before you fully settle in as this process can often be messy. Consider removing unnecessary walls to create more open space or even adding walls if your family requires additional bedrooms or bathrooms.

How To Make Your Fixer-Upper Feel Like Home

Clean Until It Shines

It is hard to truly feel at home if you still see dust or dirt leftover from the previous occupants. This is not only bothersome but can also be unhealthy. For carpeted rooms, consider looking into Austin carpet cleaning. Companies such as WOW Total Cleaning can restore your carpeting without needing to replace it. You may also wish to clean other hard-to-reach areas such as air ducts as these places can harbor pesky allergens.

Introduce New Furnishings

Once your new space is renovated and clean, you can begin the fun part: decorating. This may sound like a costly endeavor, but there are ways to furnish your home affordably. You will probably be using many materials from your previous dwelling, but you might need to invest in a few new pieces to fit a different floorplan. For instance, if your new house has an entrance hall, it might be a good idea to incorporate a small table or coat rack. Remember that lighter colors and mirrors can help make small rooms feel open and airy.

Meet Your Neighbors

As you and your family work on your house, don’t forget to venture outside to explore your neighborhood. Though it can be intimidating at first, make the effort to introduce yourself to your neighbors if they do not do so. Longtime residents of your area may have great insights into the best restaurants, parks and schools in your area.

Moving is considered to be one of the more stressful life events, and for good reason. You have done the hard work of finding the right place; all that is left to do is to make it yours.

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