How To Motivate Your Office Staff

Motivating your workforce mostly involves keeping them happy, comfortable, and appreciated. As the manager, it’s your responsibility to ensure that your office staff are driven and delivering great results. However, this isn’t an impossible task, and you can ensure you’re on top of it by periodically ask your workforce how they feel and what can be done to improve the experience of working for your company. Make sure that you engage your staff as often as you can and pay attention to their needs and opinions. Motivate your staff by providing good premises from which to workand let them know that their voice matters to you.

Provide Coffee

Get your staff off to a great start by providing caffeinated beverages. Think about having office coffee delivery to your place of work and keep your office staff feeling energized for the day ahead. It’s especially important to provide drinks during the summer to stave off dehydration and fatigue. Your staff will appreciate that you’re thinking of them and keeping their minds ticking over with the help of a mug of coffee or two. Office staff are often required to sit for long periods of time, so providing a coffee and tea station will allow them to have a short break from work while replenishing energy reserves.

Improve Premises

The working environment has a large impact on how each member of the workforce is able to do their job. If they’re working in dark, humid, and cramped conditions then, you guessed it, they’re not going to be happy and able to perform as best they could. If your office space is overcrowded, then it’s high time it was sorted and organized. Improve your premises by installing air conditioning units, as well as filing errant papers and tidying up the place. Where necessary, Janitors should also be hired to give the office a thorough clean after work hours.

Change Lighting Fixtures

Oppressive lighting can cause headaches and migraines, so it’s imperative that all artificial lighting is reviewed and made sure to be comfortable for those sitting under it, and cost effective too. The best way to assess if the lights need changing is simply to ask your workforce. Tell them to be as honest as they can be, and replace overly bright lighting if the consensus is that they’re oppressive and stifling.

Add Plants

Plants make wonderful additions to the office space as they can lighten up most places where they are added. Plants and flowers are attractive and help to make an office space look more lively and bright. Plants are more than just a pretty face, as they have air cleaning properties also. They can absorb carbon dioxide while releasing oxygen into the air, which helps to purify the space around them.

Have An Open Office Policy

Let your staff know that you’ll be on hand to answer their queries and sort issues whenever they might have them. Do this by operating an open office policy and telling your staff that they can approach you whenever they need to see you. You can address concerns raised quickly and effectively by having an open office, and even if you only operate it for only an hour in the day.


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