Impress Your Clients: How to Transform Your Office

Businesses only have one opportunity to make a positive first impression.

How to Transform Your Office

If your office appears worn, messy and dated, a current or potential client might want to walk straight back out the door to find a more forward-thinking brand.

To ensure your space routinely impresses your clients and accurately reflects your business’s products and services, find out how to successfully transform your office below.

Select the Right Office Furniture for Your Image

Your office furniture shouldn’t just be comfortable and functional. It should reflect the image you want to project to a potential client or visitor. For example, traditional wooden desks and tables can complement the formality and tradition of a legal firm. However, a client would expect to find cool office chairs and the best computer equipment when visiting an innovative digital marketing agency. It’s all about reading the character of a room and buying the right products to complement it. Checking sites like Office Monster is a great way of finding suitable and ideal furniture.

Invest in High-Quality Flooring

Prove to a client you are running an established, successful business by investing in the highest quality flooring, which will draw the eye once they step inside your office.

For example, remove old, worn carpet that can be unsightly and install high-quality laminate flooring, which can elongate an office and will complement your existing interior. Discover the best laminate flooring Charleston SC at Palmetto Carpet and Floor Coverings.

Spruce Up Your Exterior

A client will form an opinion of your office as soon as they view your exterior. If it is messy or unkempt, they might be less eager to step inside. To confirm to a client you have exceptional attention to detail, aim to create an inviting exterior design, which will make them want to learn more about your brand.

For example, you should:

  • Add attractive signage
  • Invest in professional landscaping
  • Remove any trash
  • Sweep sidewalks
  • Wash your windows
  • Add exterior lighting

These small changes to your exterior could be the difference between losing and securing an important client, as it will ensure they form a great first impression of your company before they have even stepped inside of the building.

Incorporate Indoor Plants

Potted indoor plants can create a more inviting office space, as they can inject color and texture into your interior. For this reason, you should position attractive greenery displays in different areas of the office.

While you can care for the plant life yourself, you also have the option to hire a company to visit your office to ensure they flourish each day routinely.

Encourage Your Staff to Maintain a Clean, Tidy Office

Unfortunately, your employees might be guilty of hoarding coffee cups and trash on their desks, which can make your office appear unorganized and messy to various clients. For this reason, you must encourage your staff to maintain a clean, tidy space each day.

For example, they must:

  • Remove trash from their desk
  • Wash any used mugs and dishes
  • Polish their desks
  • Place paperwork in folders or filing cabinets
  • Keep personal items to a minimum

It will ensure an office space appears clean, fresh and well-organized once a client arrives for a meeting or presentation.

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