How to Prevent Accidents in Your Office

Your office may have some surprisingly dangerous hazards that you haven’t considered. Here are three common but often overlooked office safety hazards that you should address.

How to Prevent Accidents in Your Office

1. Power Your Equipment Safely

When you move equipment around your office, you may find that you don’t have all of the power sources that you need. Consequently, you or your staff may run long wires along the side of the walls, or worse, the floor. Taping a cord down doesn’t make it secure, and it doesn’t do much to reduce the risk of your staff tripping. You should have an electrician run extra wiring in order to prevent power cords from becoming a trip hazard. If you need to work with a commercial electrician Fort Smith AR, choose a company that has extensive experience in serving offices and commercial clients.

2. Have Step Stools Available

If your staff ever needs to reach up to access files or supplies, it’s imperative that they have the proper equipment to reach items safely. Otherwise, people are apt to use whatever’s around, most likely a rolling and spinning office chair. Keep a short step stool available in your office to prevent people from making dangerous maneuvers.

3. Instruct Your Staff About the Safe Use of Filing Cabinets

Using a four or five drawer filing a cabinet can be surprisingly dangerous. People who are used to dealing with electronically stored information and aren’t accustomed to retrieving physical files may be taken aback by what happens when they open two top drawers at once. The entire cabinet may come crashing down. Make your staff aware of this when you’re orienting them to where things are stored in the office. You might also consider adding a small label on the face of a cabinet that tells staff to open one drawer at a time.

Injuries in the office are more common than many people realize. It’s important to safeguard your staff by taking steps to prevent them.

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