Supporting Yourself Financially in College? Three Money-Saving Tips You’ll Need

All in all, going to college can be a very expensive experience. Even without the often extortionate tuition fees charged by some colleges in the U.S., many students find themselves struggling financially for many other reasons, for example, paying rent or buying food and other necessities. Whilst some students are lucky enough to have parents who’ve been financially able to put some money aside to help them through their college years, others are not so fortunate, and even those in receipt of financial aid or student loans may have to work, often multiple jobs, to ensure that they can make ends meet whilst getting an education. If this situation sounds like yours, then here are some top tips to help you manage better.

Tip #1. Study Online

For many students who are struggling financially, the option to study online is very valuable. Not only do online programs such as a masters in program and project management degree cost around one-third less for tuition fees, they’re also far more flexible, allowing students to fit their studies around their work commitments. As a result, students who have no choice but to work to make a living whilst at college are able to take more shifts, or even find a full-time job that allows them to earn more, save more, and live more comfortably whilst getting their degree.

Tip #2. Scale Back

Even if you’re already doing everything that you can to save money on your monthly expenses, scaling back should be something that you do regularly to make sure that you are taking advantage of the cheapest prices. For example, if you are renting a home whilst studying for your online MSMPP program and are responsible for paying your own bills, then conducting regular research to find the cheapest energy companies, for example, will help ensure that you’re not paying any more than you need to. Other monthly expenses, such as grocery shopping, can be scaled back by shopping at the cheapest stores and using coupons wherever possible.

Tip #3. Sell Things On

As a student, it’s likely that you’re going to be accumulating new things that could be of use to others once you have finished with them. For example, if you have bought textbooks, when they are of no use to you any longer you can sell them to other students at a lower academic level. With the price of textbooks at an all-time high, many students prefer to save some money by purchasing second-hand instead. Don’t forget about all the other items that you may be able to sell, for example, old smartphone handsets, laptops, and other gadgets that you may be upgrading.

Attending college can be a very expensive experience – and that’s without the tuition fees! If you are a student who is supporting themselves financially through college, then finding new ways to make and save money must be a priority. Would you like to add any tips? Let us know in the comments.

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