Why Self Control is So Important in Life ?

Most of us understand that self-control is an important virtue to master. It keeps us from overspending, overindulging, and saying things we will regret later. However, self-control is an important virtue to foster even in areas that others don’t see. It may be that late night binging when everyone else is asleep. It could even be the amount of time you spend on social media when you should be working. There are many areas where we can improve our self-control skills.

Why Self Control is So Important in Life ?

When No one is Looking
Just because no one is looking doesn’t mean it’s ok. Eating a whole cake and pretending like you didn’t do it the next morning is still wrong. It’s the age old question in full effect. If a tree falls in a forest and no one is there, does it make a sound? Yes! It doesn’t matter who sees what you’re doing. Exercise self-control even when no one is looking. It doesn’t matter who the audience is, do what is right in the moment.

When You Just Can’t Say No
Everyone is going to the party but you have to work the morning shift. Do you go out anyway and show up late to work? Or, do you stay in and get your rest? After all, there will be other parties. Self-control is an essential virtue that will serve you well throughout your life. If you can learn to embrace it and do the right thing when no one is looking you will go far. Furthermore, if you can learn to do the right thing even when there is something you’d rather do more, you will go far. You may want to spend your tax money on a new car, but your wisdom will lead you to get horse insurance for your pony instead. Self-control is a huge part of emotional maturity.

Self-control can be a life-saving virtue in many ways. It could be the difference between drag racing down the freeway at 3 am, or resisting the urge. Do the right thing, even when no one is looking. This discipline will take you far. Much of the time, self-control can be the difference between spending your rent money and paying your rent. Do the right thing. There are infinitely many benefits in this.

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