3 Businesses You Can Start Without Much Capital

Right now, it’s likely that there are several people around the world thinking about how they can get funding for a genius business idea they have. This is a challenge that many entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs face, especially when their ideas are capital intensive. However, there are several business ideas that you could consider as an entrepreneur that won’t require a million dollars to start. There are such ideas that cut across different industries, and you’d be surprised how many could fit into your areas of interest. On that note, you’re going to find three businesses that you can start without much capital in the following article.


If you are looking for a non-capital-intensive business, e-commerce could be a great idea. You may have already started calculating the cost of buying and storing months’ worth of inventory and therefore, be wondering how it won’t cost an arm and leg. However, there are cheaper alternatives such as dropshipping which means that you can sell products to customers without needing to stock the items yourself. This should save you tons of money, as it should translate to lower upfront investment, which means your resources can be used in other areas. Your focus, for the most part, would be on ensuring you have a responsive, easy to navigate and impressive platform as well as building your suppliers and client-base.

Content Services

In this digital day and age, quality content has become something that’s highly sought after. Both businesses and individuals are looking for ways to capture their online audiences and grow their business, and content is one of the primary ways of doing so. For this reason, if you happen to be a good writer or have experience creating content for the web, this could be an ideal low-cost business for you to start. It won’t require much capital as all you’ll really need is a computer, good internet connection and perhaps a few tools to help with editing, social media, and research. You could also expand this business to become an agency if demand increases and you can find a decent number of reliable freelance writers.


If you have expertise in a certain area, then you should think about starting up a consulting business. Seeing as this is service-based, you wouldn’t need much capital to start with. Consulting can also be a good business as it’s something that can be done alongside a full-time job. Some things you may need to begin consulting include a registered corporation, business cards, a website, a strong network and enough confidence.

Business is something that takes courage, effort, and consistency to successfully carry out. However, in more practical terms, to get your business off the ground in the first place, you need enough capital and resources. As mentioned above, by choosing ventures that aren’t capital intensive, you may stand a better chance of successfully starting and running a business. Hopefully, after reading this, you’re open to trying a few of these ideas or exploring others that could make your dreams of becoming an entrepreneur come true.

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