4 Ways to Make Your Restaurant More Environmentally Friendly

Restaurants owners need to get on board with green initiatives to reduce their carbon footprint and lessen the amount of pollution produced by their operations. Here are four things that you can do to operate your restaurant more sustainably.

4 Ways to Make Your Restaurant More Environmentally Friendly

1.Improve Waste Reduction and Enhance Recycling

Commercial waste management providers can advise you about how to expand your restaurant’s recycling program. Your restaurant may benefit from additional containers, more frequent pickups, and separating materials. In addition, you may be able to reduce the volume of waste that you produce by installing a commercial trash compactor or baler.

2. Use Green Packaging Products

When you’re preparing food orders for pick up or sending diners how with leftovers, you should use containers that aren’t made from traditional plastic. An increasing number of cities and municipalities have put restrictions on the use of plastic bags and plastic materials such as straws. This type of packaging is typically better made, and it will impress your customers.

3. Reduce Your Energy Usage

You can consume less electricity in your establishment in several different ways. Incandescent, fluorescent, and halogen lighting tends to use a lot of electricity. You can switch your lighting to LED in order to light your restaurant with significantly less power, and it will also create a more aesthetically pleasing effect than other types of power. In addition, LED lighting needs to be replaced less frequently. Also, you might consider updating any large appliances that are more than ten years old. Newer freezers and dishwashers will consume a lot less electricity than older models. HVAC systems also consume a significant amount of electricity. If your HVAC system is more than ten years old, you may need to consider replacing it for a newer and more energy efficient system.

4. Address Water Waste

Using less water and reducing the volume of wastewater that your restaurant reduces will help conserve an important resource while helping to fight water pollution. In addition, it can have an appreciable effect on your monthly water and sewer bill. Install commercial dishwashers that operate with less water and upgrade your bathrooms with sinks and toilets that waste less water.

Helping your restaurant operate more sustainably can help you to reduce your operational expenses while you help make a difference to save the environment. Your customers will appreciate your efforts towards sustainability, and it can enhance your restaurant’s marketability to an expanding number of environmentally conscientious consumers.

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