4 Ways You Can Have a Positive Impact on the Environment

How much do you work to save the planet? While a single aluminum can in a landfill doesn’t seem like much, keep in mind that millions of them are thrown away each year due to this thinking and those cans stay in landfills for more than 500 years. It isn’t just aluminum you should worry about, either. Glass, paper, plastic, electronics, and even how much light and water you use all affect the environment. Here’s what you can do to reduce your impact on the environment.

1. Conserve Water

The easiest way to conserve water is to cut back on that morning shower. Most people spend 20 minutes or more under the hot water in the morning, not only wasting water, but also causing their energy bills to rise. By cutting it to 10 minutes or less, you save water and money at the same time. Other ways to save water include using faucet aerators to converse heat and water, only using the dishwasher when it is completely full, turning off water while brushing your teeth, and planting drought-tolerant plants when landscaping.

2. Save Energy
Energy costs are on the rise, and not just for your wallet. Keeping the planet sustainable for future generations greatly depends on the conservation of energy now. Start with your thermostat. During the summer, keep the temperate at 72 degrees and if you don’t have pets, turn off the air conditioning when nobody is home. During the winter, set your thermostat a few degrees lower than normal. It will save money and energy as well as create the perfect excuse to curl up in a fuzzy blanket.

Your lights, appliances, and even your laundry also factor into how much energy you use. Turn off lights when leaving the room and switch to energy-saving bulbs for when you do use light. Unplug appliances such as the toaster and coffee pot when you aren’t using them. Finally, wash your laundry in cold water and if you can, hang it up to dry instead of using a dryer.

3. Recycle Everything

Ok, so maybe you can’t recycle everything—but you can probably recycle a great deal more than you actually are. Below are just some of the things you can recycle:

Pizza boxes
Plastic bottles
Aluminum lids
Glass containers
Used pieces of paper
Old keys
Old appliances

Even businesses are getting into the spirit of recycling. Subaru and Honda have both worked steadily to lower their landfill waste while Marks and Spencer has managed to cut their water use by at least 27 percent. Most major cities offer recycling pickup in addition to garbage pickup. Contact your local chamber of commerce for information.

4. Provide Education

When most people think about getting an MBA, they don’t realize how much the degree can impact the environment. However, an increasing number of colleges are introducing programs for students to earn environmental MBAs. According to WSU Online , students in these programs learn collaboration and communication skills on an international level and use the acquired skills to help businesses become more environmentally friendly. You can also learn more about Northeasterns’ online mba degree option  .

Without an increase in recycling, water conservation, and energy conservation, the planet is quickly losing plants, animals, and other natural resources. Do your part to ensure a healthy planet for your children, grandchildren, and beyond.

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