3 Ways to Make More Money by Investing Aggressively

When most people think about investing they consider platforms such as the stock market. In today’s age, you can certainly earn money by building your portfolio in the stock market, but there are also a lot of other opportunities for savvy investors. People with an online accounting degree are aware of newer investment vehicles such as Bitcoin and even Ethreum, but not all are convinced that they are a safe bet for large investments. On the other hand, the best way to earn more money is by taking calculated risks. If you want to learn about three ways that you can increase your income with non-traditional investments, read below.

1. Bitcoin for Investing Purposes

By now you’ve probably heard of Bitcoin a thousand times but that doesn’t mean that you have a firm understanding of what it is. Bitcoin has been available to investors for several years now, but only recently has it begun to be covered by newspaper reporters and talked about in traditional investment circles. Working much like other forms of investments that accrue value over time, Bitcoin is a smart investment vehicle to use if you are looking to double, triple, or quadruple your initial deposit.

2. Foreign Real Estate

Take a country like Mexico, for example, and consider the amount of money it costs to build a single home in a middle-class neighborhood. You could become a veritable real estate mogul by taking a modestly sized investment and getting into the housing industry in a country where the real estate market is booming. You might also look to nations such as China where real estate developers are constantly looking for investors so that they can complete hi-rise buildings for the country’s fast-growing population. Talk to someone who has earned their accounting degree online about what your tax liability would be if you were to begin investing in foreign real estate.

3. Micro Loan Funding

A micro loan is just a loan that is funded by way of multiple sources. Some loans can be for as little as a couple hundred dollars while others might be for as much as several million dollars. Micro loans are usually reserved for newly established businesses that have not been approved for loans by big banks. They can also be utilized by people with bad credit. Of course, there is the risk that you will not be repaid for any micro loans that you fund. On the other hand, you can always choose to source dozens of loans so that you have less of a risk of taking a major loss.

If you want to play things safe, you can grow your money safely but it will also take more time for you to see a profit. Aggressive investing strategies are only advised if you can afford to take a loss and have other methods of building your income up again. If you have dreams of becoming a wealthy full-time investor, now is the time to think of aggressive ways to get rich.

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