Small Business and E-Commerce: Offer As Many Payment Options as Possible

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People aren’t just doing their online shopping with a credit card today. Today’s business atmosphere demands versatility when it comes to what types of payments you accept and you have to be ready.

But making some of those payment option decisions aren’t easy. It’s great to say that you want to offer every type of payment system possible, but we also know that comes with a ton of fees attached to it. So where do you start?

Here are some apps that not only please your customers because it gives them plenty of payment options, but also for you, the small business owner, because it lets you manage those payments from anywhere while on the go.


A clear and obvious choice. PayPal is one of the most popular payment systems in the world. The cost to your business is 2.7 percent per transaction, which is lower than typical credit card vendors charge. Being as popular as it is, accounting software, like Xero, integrates with your PayPal account, eliminating any extra steps of having to manually punch in those payments.


It’s almost rare to walk into any hipster coffee shop and not pay using Square. It’s easy-to-use interface and lack of monthly fees makes it a no-brainer to implement into your business. Being that there are no fees, Square does charge 2.75 percent per transaction, which is still lower than major credit card companies. And without the monthly fees, you might actually save money with Square, depending on what type of business you run.


Stripe is the ultimate payment system for those looking to build an impressive online storefront. It automatically transfers funds in a timely manner and with some recent updates that allow for accounting software integrations, payments are posted to invoices quickly. Stripe offers a bevy of APIs for developers to integrate its easy, one-touch payment system into Android and iOS devices, making checkout a breeze. Of course, it includes security features that you would expect from a payment company, such as fraud protection and strong data security, without the headaches.


Do people still like checks? Believe it or not, they do. Checkeeper is an app that makes saving and printing checks a breeze, and with recent accounting software integrations, it easily lets you find bills to pay and then print a check or have Checkeeper mail it for you. Its web-based interface allows you to logon from anywhere with a connection.  What many people don’t realize is that checks don’t have to be printed on fancy pieces of paper. You can easily have them print out on a basic piece of computer paper. And if you want to remain completely paperless, have Checkeeper mail a check out for you. Price? Only $10 per month.

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