Unique Ways To Connect With Business Clients

Anyone in business will tell you that you’re always going to want to connect as deeply as possible with your paying customers. There are countless ways to do this, but you may have to get more creative as time goes by to impress people with your relatability.

If you think about different unique ways to connect with folks, you may come up with things like going on a fishing trip, participating in outdoor events, making interesting lunch choices as far as meetings go, and even potentially mixing your families at some event. As long as it’s appropriate, finding unusual ways to interact with clients will make you stand out in the crowd.

Unique Ways To Connect With Business Clients

Gone Fishing

Want some one-on-one time with the potential client, especially if they are important were typically busy? Try going fishing! Find the nearest place where you can put a boat out of the water and suggest that as a place to talk about business matters. You can aim for peaceful and quiet, or you can find somewhere that there is more energy involved, for instance, if it’s a popular location where lots of people will be present. The uniqueness of a business fishing trip may be exactly the hook that helps you land a deal.

Outdoor Events

Participating in outdoor events might be another interesting way to connect with the client. If you know that they enjoy running, for example, you could sign up for a 5K with them, with the goal of matching their pace and talking during the run. Depending on how competitive everyone is, it would be a great way to see each other in a new light. And, if the race is some benefit or charity, that makes you look even better.

Interesting Lunch Choices

Scheduling a business lunch is a big part of the corporate and client connection world. You can go the standard route and do everything like would be normal or expected, or you could do something a little unusual. Find a place that is well-known but has excellent service or unique vibe, and make that the destination for your next business lunch meeting.

Mixing Families

To dig into potential connections between you and a client, consider combining your families on some occasions. Invite your customer over for a barbecue during the holiday. Ask them to a sporting event like a baseball game where there’s lots of activity, but where’s there’s still time and a chance for you to speak personally about business decisions. Talking to someone outside of typical business environments can open up a whole lot of more creative potential, especially when it comes to thinking out-of-the-box.

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