Content Marketing Has Some Unique Advantages Compared With Video Marketing

Industry professionals are talking about video marketing all the time today. Video marketing is certainly an essential part of any modern set of digital promotion strategies. However, written content is just as important, and it’s something that some customers might prefer at specific points.

Quick Reading

People will sometimes watch a video instead of reading an article because they want some content that will be very quick for them to consume. If it’s a long article, the video might seem like the better option for the people who want to learn more about something almost instantly.

However, a lot of the content that a professional SEO company in Denver will produce is much shorter than that. People often can quickly skim through those articles looking for the main ideas and the most important points before moving on to something else. It’s harder to consume information like that when it’s presented in the form of a video.

Longer Videos

video that is more than a few minutes long might take longer to consume than a lot of articles, especially for an audience that reads very quickly. Plenty of people actually are used to reading very quickly online, because everything moves so quickly on social media websites and in many other online environments.

The people who are not able to process information quickly enough will often get left behind, making it important for them to react rapidly and respond just as instantly. Some of these skills will help people to consume written content online just as swiftly, which can have an effect on which content will be effective. If someone writes a list online, people can look at all the items on that list in seconds. They might not read through each entry, but they’ll know about the specific entries that make up that list.

In a video, they might have to watch the entire video to absorb that same information. Some marketers get around this by dividing up the video in a way that allows people to skip through it, with a guide on how to skip through everything in the description connected with the video.

However, even that process can be time-consuming, especially compared with the process of quickly looking through a list online. People can also easily use their browser searching functions to find passages again. Performing that same task with a video requires quick memorization and care. Video marketing exists alongside content marketing, but it’s not a replacement.

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