10 Online Marketing Tips for Small Business Owners

Online Marketing is one of today’s most effective advertising mediums used to reach a wider range of your target audience, generate leads, acquire customers, and build your brand online. 

How can a small business owner maximize the perks of marketing products/services in the digital landscape? See below for more information and some tips:

  1.   Identify your business target market

Before making any online marketing effort, make sure you know your target market. To whom would you offer your service or product? Identifying your target market will help in developing marketing strategies that yield results. Find which platform or place is the most popular for your target audience. 

  1.   Don’t spread yourself too thin in social media 

It is tempting to create a business profile on every social media platform but if you do not have prior experience handling social media for business, your effort can amount to nothing. 

Social media management is not as easy as it sounds. You will need to ensure that the content you share is relevant and useful. You need to update every account and determine when the best time to engage with your audience is. You will need to interact with your audience and implement the right strategy.

  1.   Make sure your website is responsive and provide the seamless user experience

If your website loading time is slow, chances are users will click the close button and find another similar website that offers a seamless user experience. So, at the very least, make sure your website loads quickly. 

Also, make your site mobile-friendly. Many people these days have been using mobile phones to search for something online.

  1.   Optimize your website for search engines

It is not enough to make your website design appealing. It should be easy to find not only by the target audience but also by the search engines. To make sure that the search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo will find your website, optimize the site. This practice is called Search Engine Optimization. 

  1.   Create unique and relevant content

You probably already heard the phrase “content is king.” Always remember this when doing your online marketing.

Unique content with the right keywords and internal links can help in pushing the website to the first page of search engine results. The higher the ranking is, the better the brand exposure will be. Good content can also encourage customer engagement, generate new leads and sales. It also adds value to your service or product and increases traffic. 

In crafting good content, follow the 80-20 rule. 80% of the content should focus on delivering value and 20% on promotions.

  1.   Include video marketing in your strategy

81% of marketers said that video marketing helped them boost their sales. The 97% percent say that it has helped improve user understanding of their service or product. The other 81% of individuals had been convinced to purchase the service or product right after watching a video from the brand.

Based on these statistics, you can easily see why video marketing is growing at an incredible pace.

  1.   Improve customer reviews

More customers are looking for online reviews than ever before. 

85% of customers trust the reviews online as much as the recommendation from peers, and 30% said they judge a business based on the reviews. 

  1.   Have your email marketing list

A CRM software company found that customers who buy products or services through email spend one hundred percent more! Email subscribers are more likely to share valuable content triple times on social media platforms, according to QuickSprout. Consider offering subscriptions to the readers who want to stay updated and informed about special offers, discounts, or sales.

  1.   Work with a local influencer 

Local influencers usually have one hundred thousand followers on their social media networks. Imagine how wide your audience reach could be if you worked with them! Although it may cost you more, the ROI will surely be worth it. 51% of marketers who use influencer content note that the ROI has improved, compared to sharing content created by the business itself.

  1.   Research Competitors

The market competition can be tough. Surely, there must be many businesses that offer the same product you provide. So how can you convince customers that yours is better than your competitors?

The key is learning what the other business in your niche is offering and what value you can add to that. Something unique to you, which is why doing competitor’s research is important. 

So, start growing your business now by following the above-mentioned tips.

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