Big Trends and Tips for Instagram Marketing

Today, social media marketing is the main part of any marketing strategy for businesses. In social media marketing, Instagram Marketing comes with all top names like Facebook and Twitter. Instagram marketing is as essential for your business like any other marketing platform as Instagram is now a hub for a very large audience, and businesses and individuals are even looking to buy Instagram likes in order to improve their reach and boost their interactions right from the start of their time on the platform. According to research, Instagram has doubled its user base to 800 million monthly active users in two years. With such statics who wouldn’t want to use this platform for marketing purposes.

If done right, marketing on Instagram can do wonders for your business as Instagram introduces many new features time to time, for its users which they use according to their needs. For marketing of your business, all you need to do is to stay up to date with all these features and trends of Instagram. Whether it’s a new filter, refreshed layout or any other new feature, there is a lot to keep up to date with on Instagram. Now you must be wondering about the significant trends and tips you can use for marketing of your business on Instagram. For that, I am going to share with you those big trends and tips to stay calm and trendy on Instagram.

Boomerang Videos

Boomerang videos are like a burst of photos which are stitched together to make a high-quality mini video. Boomerang is the trending videos nowadays. Earlier another app needed to be downloaded to make boomerang videos, but now this feature is available on Instagram. This feature is trending on Instagram as it allows capturing moments in a fun, attractive and unexpected ways.

It is true that social media users are heading towards micro-moments without sounds. Boomerang videos are the best solution for such soundless mini videos to showcase your brand’s product or service. It helps you highlight your company’s product in most creative and fun ways.

SlideShow Posts

Many times when you are marketing on Instagram and posting stuff of your brand, you come across many photos that you want to post, but at the same time, you don’t want to annoy your audience by posting too much. Instagram came up with a solution of this, and this new feature is now trending. This new feature is like a slideshow of your posts; it allows you to post more than one photo/video at a time. All your followers need to do is to swipe and swipe to see your collection.

This trend is very easy to follow and allows you to market your product in different scenarios in a single post. For example, if you own a shoe brand, you can show one pair of shoes in two or three different ways, or with different attires.

Instagram Live

Instagram Live is another big trend on Instagram. Since mobile phones have become a broadcasting device to capture the live moments. These are the moments that are not edited but are real. It is another way to engage with your followers. Instagram Live allows you to conduct live sessions for your audience at large. It can be any Q/A sessions for your followers or prospective customers; it can be coverage of any event related to your business, it can be the briefing session for your viewers of how they are supposed to use your new product, etc. There are many ways you can use this trending feature of Instagram for marketing.

Instagram Stories

Who doesn’t know about the trend of Instagram stories? According to a recent statics, Instagram stories has now 250+ million active daily users. Instagram stories are like Snapchat that disappears after 24 hours, and now it is said that 2x as many Instagram Stories are posted by brands than Snapchat Stories.

These statistics show the importance of Instagram stories. It allows you to add different face filters, make boomerang videos and much more creative ways to engage your followers. It also helps you gain followers on Instagram fast as popular Instagram stories appear at the very top of everyone’s feed.

Another benefit of Instagram stories is that it allows you to link photos in your stories directly to your product page by adding that specific shoppable link to your story. Instagram Story is the only place other than bio where the verified users (users with more than 10,000 followers) are allowed to add a link.


In the end, I would say that Instagram is a platform where you can get most out of your marketing. All you need to do stay connected to it and keep on top of all the latest trends whether it is about features, filters, layout or even hashtags. Follow all the trends that you think will help you for marketing of your business and watch the wonders Instagram can do for you.

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