How to Create Better Video Content for Instagram ads to get more followers

Videos receive more engagement than images when you use them for running Instagram ads. In this article, we will cover the simple way to ensure your video content stand out and help you to get followers on Instagram. However Instagram offers you every type of video content from Instagram stories to videos in the feed. Let’s have a look at how to create better video content for Instagram ads.

Instagram Story Ads

Have you created Instagram story ad yet? If not, then follow these tips for creating successful Instagram story advertisement using video format.

  • Edit your story: Videos perform well when it comes to advertise your product or business. But it is time consuming task than creating image advertisement because you need to edit it before uploading. Moreover, you can’t add filters and stickers once you have uploaded your video. But there is an editing tool like Movavi that allow you to add overlay logo.
  • Add a Call-To-Action: Call-to-action also known as CTA is an opportunity to drive more traffic to your blog or product page. Don’t forget to add call to action to your video advertisement to direct the viewers to the link to your blog.
  • Use the proper video formats: Always keep in mind to stick to the proper video format that are recommended such as .MOV. & .MP4
  • Be up-front: Keep in mind, unique style is instantly recognizable. So be upfront about what you are doing and who you are. It will make your content more recognizable and clear and help your audience to understand what you are all about and what you are promoting. Because you have only few seconds to make your first impression. In order to engage your audience, become a story teller because it is a good element to grab the attention of the audience. But keep in mind to avoid being ‘salesy’. Make sure that your video story ad is offering a real value to your potential followers. If people don’t go directly to your product page and Instagram account from your story ad then focus on creating an interesting advertisement with a unique style, more people will likely to check out your content.

Instagram video ads

You can optimize your video ads from your feed on Instagram by following the same points we have mentioned above. Create a good video ads by sticking these points and make sure to add the CTA with your video ad that direct the audience to your landing page or product page like if you want to learn more, then visit our website or alternatively you can buy story views from instaboostgram, buzziod, famoid or any service provider.

Use a caption: You can provide the context to your Instagram video ads by adding the compelling caption. When you use engaging caption with your video, it helps you to connect with your audience and get you followers on Instagram. Also include the right and proper hashtags with your video caption. Don’t forget to use emojis (one or two) effectively.


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