Top Tips for New Drivers

Top Tips for New Drivers It can be very scary once you pass your driving test and are let loose on the roads without your driving instructor sitting next to you; however, this is just another step towards being independent and stepping into adulthood, which is part and parcel of life. It’s crucial that you balance this step of freedom with plenty of caution to avoid disasters happening on the roads, as being unaware of road safety will not only put you at risk but the lives of others too.

On that note, we have put together a short list of useful tips for new drivers once they have got their driver’s license and feel ready to take to the roads:

Obey all traffic rules

There’s a good reason why you’re tested on the practical driving test and the theoretical side of driving when you come to learn the rules and regulations of the road. Following these traffic rules is essential for your safety when driving a vehicle, so never take any risks or ignore signs. Not only could you be fined if you get caught out, but you may also cause a serious accident.

Keep your car well-maintained

You should take responsibility for the maintenance of your car to avoid breakdowns or emergencies when driving on your own. You should make regular oil changes, check the tire pressure, and brake fluids to name just a few. If you’re a newbie to car maintenance, there are some useful tips online to help you out.

Know what to do in an accident

No-one ever really knows what to do in an accident until it happens, but it’s always best to be prepared just in case you’re unfortunate enough to be the victim and suffer injury. Hiring a car accident attorney to secure your legal rights would be the most sensible move, just in case the other party is proving difficult to communicate with. If there’s no-one to back you to prove you weren’t at fault, your car insurance cost may skyrocket due to being a new driver. However, an auto accident attorney can help get you the justice you deserve.

Be aware of the weather
The weather can have a major impact on the safety of your driving, so try and keep off the roads during torrential rain, high winds, and snowstorms as a new driver. These conditions can make driving far more difficult and dangerous, especially if you’re not used to how it impacts the control of the car. If it’s absolutely essential to venture out, make sure your headlights are turned on, and you increase your stopping distance, as braking takes longer when the roads are slippery. If you’re too close, you could end up going into the back of the car in front.

Avoid distractions

It may seem like an obvious point to make, but too many people make the mistake of taking their eyes off the road, whether it be due to texting, eating or switching channels on the radio. Anything could happen in that split second you’re not concentrating, so try and have a sole focus on your driving and ignore any other distractions.


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