Ad-Supported Streaming Services Are A Money-Spinner Right Now

They say that the best things in life are free and I believe them without a doubt. Because if the best things are not free then what is the point of living in this world anyway? HAHA! Alright, I might have gone a little overboard with the melodrama but I think we can all agree that we all love to receive nice things for free.

Ad-Supported Streaming Services Are A Money-Spinner Right Now

Ah Oh, how I wish I did not have to pay for good internet! Sadly, that wish has a slim chance of coming true; therefore, I draw comfort in the thought of having signed up for one of the very reasonable and reliable Spectrum Internet, mainly because of spectrum business support which back your requests 24/7. If not free, at least it’s good value for my hard hard-earned money.

In recent years, ad-supported streaming services have seen a rise in popularity. We all love our Netflix fix but think about it, would you turn down a free ticket to the cinema? I would not! Likewise, if I can stream a movie for free I would not pay Netflix for it. Why should I?

Obviously, there is a catch to everything you get for free. These so-called free for all streaming services aren’t charities after all. They have to earn through some source, hence the advertisements. With people being overwhelmed by the increasing bills of streaming services, these free services seem even more attractive and it doesn’t seem like they would lose this attractiveness any time soon.

People would pay only so much for services like Netflix, Hulu, etc. before they reach the point of subscription exhaustion. A majority of the population has already exceeded their TV budget because subscribing to all the top streaming services simultaneously is just ridiculous and everyone needs a little relief. Nobody is looking to spend outrageous amounts on entertainment only. We got other bills to pay and mouths to feed too.

This subscription exhaustion is the jackpot that these ad-supported streaming services just hit. Whether it’s just a complimentary service to your paid one or you’re going for it as an alternative. These services are a godsend especially for the youth who usually have student loans to pay back and aren’t that high up the career ladder either. No wonder that the number of users using ad-supported streaming services is rising as compared to paid ones. When you’re short on cash you wouldn’t mind watching a few ads. In fact, if these ads don’t get to a point that they become irritating, the majority of the average American population wouldn’t mind watching a few ads during the movie they’re streaming for free.

Ad-supported streaming services earn through advertisers paying them and the advertisers earn a lot more through targeted advertising. They have an opportunity to reach the younger population this way who can’t possibly be reached through traditional marketing. Hence, big companies have started investing in ad-supported streaming services to utilize this potential market to the fullest. Giants like Google, Amazon, and Facebook have launched ad-supported streaming services of their own, what more proof of potential do you need huh?

Being able to advertise different products and services to different individuals or households who are watching the same content is what makes investment in ad-supported streaming services so lucrative. Unlike traditional marketing where everyone sees the same ad regardless of their interests, these services have the potential of showing individuals whatever pleases them or has been on their mind lately.

So without further ado, here are a few ad-supported streaming services that are worth checking out for your news, movie, or live TV fix:

  1. Hoopla
  2. Tubi TV
  3. Kanopy
  4. Vudu
  5. IMDb TV
  6. Roku Channel
  7. Sony Crackle
  8. YouTube
  9. Locust
  10. Pluto
  11. Xumo
  12. STIRR

The impressive results that these ad-supported streaming services have seen show that free content is definitely important to viewers and targeted advertising works better than mass advertising. Therefore, it can be expected that more companies will choose to invest in ad-supported streaming services to cash in the opportunity of targeting people who don’t mind a few ads here and there.

So, if you thought the commercial was dead because paid streaming services killed it, then you may want to think again.

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