When Attitude and Mindset Affect Your Ability To Make Money

There’s no denying that money is necessary. You exchange money for resources, and then those resources are associated with your particular standard of living. And there are an infinite number of ways to make money. But you’ll often find that the people who do have the most financial acumen keep a certain attitude and mindset close to them. And those who have negative attitudes or a non-assertive mindset toward life tend to work themselves down lower on the financial spectrum. Where do you want to end up?

Consider instances where people are dealing with depression, or they have very little confidence, or they show poor body language. Often this is connected with making less money. And then there are those famous Debbie-downer people, who never feel like life has given them enough of what they want, especially in the financial realm.

Dealing With Depression

When people are dealing with depression, it can be hard to make profitable decisions. Reality seems more abstract than it is, and logic and reason run right out the window. People go on shopping sprees when they’re depressed, buying things that they don’t me. They don’t handle their money properly, and in return, money does not treat them very well either.

The Effects of Confidence

Acting confidently and appropriately will make it so that resources and money gravitate toward you. Learning the effects of confidence will allow you to find your place in life more naturally. People who assert themselves have more money, and people who have more money assert themselves. Again, you have to decide where you fit in this equation so that you achieve your financial goals in a reasonable timeframe.

Understanding Body Language

Influential people understand body language. They observe and analyze how other people move in space, and they also use their gestures in a particular manner. By utilizing body language knowledge to your advantage, you can leverage yourself in all sorts of different situations where the goal is to make money. These assertive behaviors don’t have to include a manipulative stance, but rather they’re just a way to ensure that your needs are met as you see fit.

The Debbie-Downer Effect

No one likes to be around Debbie-downer. These are the people that always find the worst in a situation, and are always commenting on how terrible things are. If you find that you are constantly talking about negative things, it may be time to reassess your basic communication style. The fact that people don’t want to be around this type of personality means that there will be less opportunity for economic engagement. And then that’s one more thing to complain about, which in turn will keep even more people away.


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