How Does Discord Make Money ?

In today’s era, the gaming industry is emerging and developing as there is a huge number of gamers across the digital world. So, this industry is lucrative these days and is expected to earn high profit and so, most of the businesses also investing in the same industry to get the maximum benefit of it. Let us see How Does Discord Make Money . 

One such app that is gaining popularity is Discord. It was designed as an all-in-one voice as well as text chat platform and providing high-quality and lag-free facilities for voice chat. It is developed by gamers and for gamers. The gamers love to use this app as it is convenient and also easy to use without any ads or pop-ups. 

How Does Discord Make Money

But the users have a question in their mind how Discord makes money without showing any ads or pop-ups in this app. 

How does Discord make money ?

Here are some monetizations strategies that are used by Discord to obtain money are given as follows:  

Merchandise Store

Discord owes a merchandise store and they proffer branded T-shirts, baseball tees, socks, sweatshirts, hats, and tank tops. Small revenue has earned by Discord when a customer purchases something from this online store. It delivers products to over 180 countries and you can do payment through their online payment methods such as American Express, PayPal, Visa Credit, and American Express. 


Discord Nitro is a paid application with subscription charges of $9.99 per month or $99.9 per year. It is for the users to support Discord and a kind of voluntary program. Apart from this, the user after getting a subscription package can get access to the vast library of games; enjoy extra features and premium features. Some additional benefits such as Personal Discord tag with a chosen number, Animated GIF or Avatars for your profile and GIF plays Special badges for Nitro profile, Customized emojis, Screen share is available with HD quality of either 720p or 1080p in your chat, and the greater limit for uploading and sharing files and images up to 50MB 

Discord make money through this plan as mostly user subscribes and support the company.

Funds and investment

They have another way to make money such as funding and investing from giant companies. They have earned around $150 million in revenue by funding from a few firms such as Index Ventures, IVP, Firstmark, Greenoaks Capital with participation technology opportunity, and Tencent.  

Game Store

A game store was launched by Discord in August 2018 and it allows the developers to code a game and then sell the same. A developer has the right to self-publish this game on the Discord store. Once the game sold, 90 percent share has given to the game developer and the remaining 10 percent to the discord. For distributing the game, Discord charges 10% fees as revenue which will help operate and run the app. It is a win situation to get a revenue split of 90:10.

Cosmetic items

It sells different cosmetic items such as sound packs, customer emojis, skins, sticker packs, and so on. But you didn’t get any advantage by purchasing these items except to support Discord as a player. 


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