The Top Five Apps to Cure Travel Boredom

The Top Five Apps to Cure Travel Boredom

The only thing worse than getting the middle seat on a long flight is the realization that you do not get free wireless Internet, promising you hours of endless boredom while fighting for an armrest. For those who travel often, the reality of flying is that it is not as picturesque as it seems. Jet setting off to a foreign country or unexplored destination is an amazing experience—once you get off the cramped plane.

However, downloading the right apps before you leave can transform a boring cross-country flight into an afternoon of productivity, good reading, or entertainment, which can be especially helpful if your plane lacks personal TVs.

Here are the top five apps that can help cure your travel boredom:

 1.TV Apps

Unless your plane offers free wi-fi or you pay for wi-fi, there is no way to stream TV shows and movies from sites like Netflix, Hulu+, or Amazon Instant. However, there are a few apps from the top mobile agency that allow you to store movies and TV shows in a library that can be accessed from any location without the need for wi-fi or cell service. The top three apps are iTunes, Video App, and DirecTV Genie.

With both the iTunes app and Video App, you have to make purchases before heading out of wi-fi or cell service. While in the airport, download your favorite movies or TV shows so you have them available while on the plane. You can also look at other alternatives, for example, You can download moviebox here that can allow you to download movies for later watching, perfect for movies while traveling!

For the DirecTV Genie app, DirecTV customers can watch their DVR-ed shows remotely. As long as your phone’s app is joined with your Genie account, you can catch up on all of your favorite shows. Check out for more information on DirecTV packages and plans.

 2.Offline Radar

This app is a great resource for those who travel for work, for it is a great tool to saving hotel or travel information links that won’t refresh when you don’t have Internet access, as well as allowing you to download and peruse newspaper articles, journals, or magazines.

3.Podcast App

Before heading out of Internet access, download free podcasts from your favorite speakers or bands, or find educational podcasts to aid in brushing up on your Spanish skills.

 4.TED Talks

TED is where great minds meet to be educated on different subjects. TED talks are an incredible tool to learning about new ideas in an interesting audio or video format. From self-esteem talks to how Multicultural education is changing the face of education, this app lets users download talks for offline viewing in order to learn and hear about the changes in the world.

 5.Pocket App

What’s In Your Pocket? Hopefully the Pocket App, as this app allows users to save articles, photos, videos, and all other links or information into their virtual pocket. E-mail yourself links you want to remember for a later date, or browse through the pictures you were unable to view before heading out of Wi-Fi.

Solve your in-flight blues by preparing ahead of time with these apps that can provide a leisure flight experience.

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