Digital Signage for Small Business


Technological developments are quickly enabling all business entities, to switch from a paper-driven entity to a paperless business in the now popular and highly encouraged going green movement. This has also greatly benefited businesses in that the same technologies that are allowing them to go green, are the same technologies that are coming with very welcome perks in the businesses’ marketing strategies.

Digital signage is one of these technologies. This very affordable technology allows a business to advertise its products or services without using a lot of resources or finances. The digital signage cost is actually very low in comparison to the previous costs incurred from the use of paper in marketing.

DoPublicityis one of the leading companies that have introduced these technologies in to the market. Below are some of the awesome benefits and advantages of using digital signage from for small business.

Advantages of Digital Signage from doPublicity for Small Business

Cost saving

Digital signage allows you to market your business effectively without the need to print posters, fliers and the very expensive banners. Besides eliminating paper, you also end up saving quite a substantial amount of money in your marketing campaign.


Digital boards are also very eye-catching. This is due to the various special effects, the photo images, videos and the lighting. People, being naturally visually oriented, will easily notice them and get your message. This drives more business to you thus increasing your bottom line.


Unlike posters or fliers, which once printed are not changeable, digital signage boards for small businesses allow you to change, modify, or add an entirely new detail to your displays. All this comes at no extra cost and you can even do it remotely. This makes it easy for small businesses to run regular limited time offers on their products without the extra costs of printing special brochures and fliers.


Unlike a majority of business products advertisement options, digital signage from is a very affordable option that offers a lifetime of savings. From the purchase cost to the savings that come from eliminating purchasing of stationery in your business as well as the use of posters and banners altogether, the amount of direct and indirect monies saved is phenomenal. This makes digital signage the most affordable small business marketing option.

Extra income stream

Here is the best part; besides just advertising your own businesses products and services, other businesses that are complimentary to yours will want to capture your target audience for their products/services. They will approach you so that you can run ads about their products on your digital boards. You can then charge them a reasonable fee, which goes in to helping you with running your business.

These are just a few of the reasons why you should seriously consider using digital signage for your small business from today. Talk to doPublicity’s team of experts to learn more about how such technology can help boost your business profits while easing its management.


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