What Are The Different Types Of Machine Shop Tools?

If you’re a beginner in machine shop tools, you’re wondering what types of drills and end mills you need? Here’s a quick guide! Read on to learn more about each tool’s use and what’s in store for you. You might also be surprised to know you need some tools!

End mills

A certified machine shop Houston, TX without end mills lacks finesse. Even experienced machinists struggle to match the correct machine speed with the type of end mill. If a tool is too fast or slow, it will result in suboptimal chipping, reduced metal removal rates, or a poor finish. Instead, consider automated machine tool loading solutions, which can make machining easier.


Although they are often regarded as just a tool for turning metal, lathes have a wide range of other uses. In the shop, they can be used to turn screws, woodwind instruments, cue sticks, gun barrels, and more. Many lathes are also used to carve threads and worm gears. These tools can also turn metal objects like bowls, table legs, and baseball bats.

Milling machines

Milling machines are different machine shop equipment that makes cutting and shaping metal pieces easier. These machines rotate at high speeds and feature cutting edges. Milling machines can have more than one cutter in use. As a result, they can cut with high accuracy and a high metal removal rate. Milling machines can be used for different jobs and easily changed depending on the job’s requirements. When choosing milling machines, consider the features you’ll need in the machine.

Rotary broaches

There are many different uses for rotary broaches in a machine shop. These tools are great for cutting non-ferrous metals like aluminum alloy, brass, red copper, carbon steel, stainless steel, and plastic. They are also effective in cutting wood, such as ebony and oak. Some machines even cut hardwood. Depending on the material, the broach can be used to create complex shapes..

Combination square set

Combination square sets are versatile tools for machine shops and home use. They are adjustable and can be purchased in various lengths – four, six, and twelve inches- ideal for woodworkers. The squares fit nicely in an apron pocket and can be purchased for as little as $60. Most combination squares are high-quality tools and can be found inexpensively on the used tool market. 

When measuring with a combination square, you can ensure that the line you draw is parallel to the edge of your work surface. To do this, you must line up the handle side of the combination square with the edge of your work surface. Then, line up the anvil with the line you have drawn with the handle. When you’re finished, remove the hold and check that the lines are parallel.

Hollow mills

There are many benefits to using hollow mills in your machine shop. Open milling is an old but effective technique and can be performed on any CNC machine. In contrast to a standard turning operation, an indexable mill allows you to use multiple inserts in a single pass, allowing you to achieve longer turned lengths. T

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