Tips To Care For And Display Your Fresh Flowers

No matter what the occasion, a floral gift works wonderfully. From a small token of appreciation to an extravagant display of affection, you can’t go wrong with a beautiful flower arrangement. Each flower has an associated symbol or particular meanings related to them. Who wouldn’t want to receive a beautiful arrangement of flowers?

Tips To Care For And Display Your Fresh Flowers

Flower arrangements can brighten up any place, but it also requires a bit of effort to make sure they stay fresh for a longer duration. This guide will help you in properly caring for the flowers and maintaining their freshness for a longer time. We have also added a few ideas for displaying the flowers.

10 Tips To Keep Flowers Fresh For Long


Usually, people buy flowers from the street which is not really a good idea. This is because those flowers have been in the stands, under the heat of the sun for a long time which means they aren’t exactly in their optimal condition.

Therefore, it is ideal to get your floral arrangement from stores or an expert office flower service to ensure they are fresh and can live for long.

So, how do you care for your fresh flowers and prolong their life? Here are the 10 most effective tips you should follow:


  • Select the Right Vase


While vases are available in a variety of materials, colors, and shapes, but it is essential to opt for the one that will maintain the freshness of the flowers. Try to select a vase that is made of glass and avoid vases made with metal or aluminum.


  • Make Sure it’s Clean


Once you have the right vase, clean it thoroughly. Bacteria in an unclean vase will accelerate the flowers’ wilting process. This is why it is essential to properly wash the vase with soap and warm water, or even bleach if possible, before placing your flowers.


  • Display It On the Right Spot


The flower vase should be placed in a spot which is shaded. It spot should have indirect sunlight, must be cool and away from a radiator or air conditioner as that will only dry up the flowers quickly.


  • The Temperature Should be Right


Flowers prefer lukewarm water. If the flower arrangement has closed buds, then it is best to place those particular stems with closed buds in warm water for not more than a minute before transferring them in cold water for about 20 minutes.

This will help in accelerating the bloom of those buds. Once the buds open up, transfer them in the vase with other stems, but make sure that the water is lukewarm. 


  • Change The Water Frequently


The most common mistake people make that quickens the wilting of flowers is not changing the water. To maintain the freshness of water for a longer period, it is essential that you change the water after every two days.

If it is a larger arrangement, it will quickly soak up the water within the first day. Make sure that you clean the vase every time you change the water. Of course, it is also essential to remove the wilting leaves and flowers before placing the flowers back in the vase.


  • Trim Before Placing in the Vase


Another important thing to keep in mind is to trim off half an inch of the stem before you place the flowers in the vase. This must be done each time you change the water. When you cut off the stem, it exposes fresh tissues of the stem that can more efficiently soak up water.  


  • Always Use Sharp Scissors


Using old scissors will only end up damaging the tissues of the stem. The damaged cells are unable to absorb water as compared to healthy cells. This means your flowers won’t be able to stay fresh much longer. Therefore, it is best to cut the stem with sharp scissors and at an angle which ensures the cells remain unharmed.


  • Keep Away From Bright Light and Heat


Many people think that setting the flower vase on a windowsill is a great way of keeping flowers fresh since they get direct sunlight. While this is true for potted flowers and plants, cut flowers are not the same. These flowers are already at their optimal, that means the heat or sun will only allow them to mature more which means they will wilt quicker. It is best to place the flowers in a cool spot to prolong their freshness.



  • Keep Them Away From Ripened Vegetables or Fruits


Flowers do look good next to fruits or vegetables. However, when these vegetables and fruits began ripening, they start releasing ethylene which is an invisible and odorless gas. Ethylene is completely harmless for humans, but is deadly for the flowers.

Placing the flowers next to ripened vegetables and fruits will expose them to ethylene and you will witness their petals dropping faster than ever before.  


  • Give Them Food


Lastly, don’t forget giving the flowers flower food to make them last. The flower food is easily available and is often provided with the flower arrangement. Simply add this food in the water and your flowers will stay happy for a longer time.

These flower food packets are not just food for the flowers, but also include bactericide which protects them and maintains their freshness. Make sure you add the flower food in the water every time you clean the vase and change the water.

These effective care tips will ensure the freshness of the flowers so you can enjoy their beauty for longer.

10 Different Ways to Display Fresh Flowers

Flowers add brightness and lightness in the room without a doubt. There are so many ways of displaying and arranging your flowers; all you need is a bit of creativity. There are various flower arrangement systems that help individuals in creating a beautiful display of fresh flowers.

To get you started, here are 10 different ideas to display your flowers:


  • Use a Ladder


Do you have an old ladder stored away in your garage? Why not transform it into a floral display! Divide the flower stems in different glass vases or jars and arrange them on the ladder. This will create a unique appeal and charm to any corner you place the ladder in.


  • Beautify Your Vanity Tray


Adding fresh flowers in your vanity tray will completely jazz up your room. There are so many ways to arrange them. You can place them in a single vase or use different smaller ones next to your perfume bottles and cosmetics.


  • Brighten Up the Planter Box


Arranging different small vases in the planter box is another great way of giving your place that spring feels. There are different sizes, shapes and materials of the planter box which means you can mix it up a bit and create a stunning display.


  • Place on Dining Table


Of course, this classic display won’t ever grow old. Using fresh flowers as a centerpiece on your dinner table can beautify the entire dinner arrangement. You can also mix it up by dividing the flowers in small vases and lining them up on a runner.


  • Boost Your Office Desk


Floral arrangements can not just brighten up your home, but also your office desk. Again, you can either arrange the flowers in a single vase or divide them up in different sized vases to spruce it up a bit. Fresh flowers will look wonderful with your stationary set and post its! Not to mention they will enhance your moods as well.


  • Take a Pitcher


Using a pitcher as a vase is another great idea to add a bit of charm to the place. Vintage pitchers look even more amazing. It adds character to any nook and cranny you want to brighten up.


  • Make Bath Time Special


Pamper yourself a bit during your bath time by adding some beautiful flowers near the tub. This is not usually a place people think about placing fresh flowers, but it will add warmth to the place for your guests when placed in the guest bathroom. It will also enhance your mood and wellness when you take a much needed relaxing bubble bath.


  • Create a Foyer Scene


Seeing a beautiful flower arrangement right when you enter your home is a surefire way of elevating your mood. Your guests will definitely be impressed as soon as they enter your home. There are different ways of styling the flowers in the foyer depending on your setup.


  • Make Use of a Watering Can


Upcycle an old watering can into a flower vase is definitely a wonderful way of adding in a summer or spring touch in your home.



  • Decorate in Jars


Use glass jars as vases. These are a popular idea nowadays as they add in a fun and exciting touch to the flower arrangement. The glass jars can be painted in different colors; different sized jars can also be used to mix up your décor. This a rather versatile means of displaying the fresh flowers.

Wilting and tired looking flowers is not a pleasant sight, but with these easy and effective tips you can prolong the freshness of your flowers. These tips will ensure your flower arrangement looks beautiful in the different ways you decide to display them.

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