Six Ways to Reduce the Cost of a Funeral and Still Make It Memorable

“Final Expense Insurance” is one of the cheapest insurance policy types that allow you to arrange a funeral, as lavishly as you want. Today, a funeral costs around $11,000, so it could be worth looking around now at life insurance options and what policy would suit you. This figure includes everything from gourmet food to flower arrangements, limousine hires, special cremation, etc.

Yes, we all would like to be put in comfort when we die, but think about it – is all that lavish spending necessary? There are ways you can spend less and still make your funeral memorable. After all, people here are mourning the dead not thinking about how much the deceased’s loved one spent on the funeral. When planning the arrangements for your funeral, the funeral insurance cost should be kept in mind. There’s no need to spend more than you can afford if the flowers your family wanted cannot be bought under the budget.

6 Ways to Reduce Funeral Cost

1.     Ditch the Limousine

First things first, you don’t need a fancy car in order to be driven to the funeral. Neither do you need to hire it for the people who are coming for the wake. A limousine costs around $200 for hire. You can save this money and spend it on more importing things.

2.     Embalming Is Just Make-Up . . . It Will Eventually Wash Away

We all cling to our loved ones, even when they have passed away. It’s just human nature. To embalm the deceased is nothing but over-the-top spending because they might look perfectly intact, but when they will be buried, it won’t matter.

3.     You Don’t Need a Fancy Urn

An urn provided by the funeral home usually costs around $500. This is just unnecessary spending and can take a nice chunk out of your funeral insurance cost because you can easily get an urn from any shop for $32 to $40. You can even make one on your own by decorating a vase or a fancy jar.

4.     Flowers Are Expensive. Period

You do not need a bunch of bouquets to show your love for the deceased. If you have a garden, now is the perfect time to pluck those blooms and add a few more to them from your nearest street flower kiosk. Hand a single bloom to everyone for the procession and you are good to go.

5.     Leave the Bearers

In the final moments, it is better that your loved ones do all the work. This is the time they will want to remember, right down to every last detail. Becoming the bearers will save on the funeral insurance cost albeit slightly.

6.     Go For Comfort Food

You do not need fancy canapés or pig-in-a-blanket to make the guests feel welcomed. It’s better to go with comfort food such as casseroles, pie, lasagne, chowder, etc. Whether you order it from outside or make it at home, it will still cost less. As for drinks, go with fresh water.

So, there you go with six tips on how to save on funeral cost. It’s the small things that matter and you will probably like it better if the gathering is small, filled with the people who loved you dearly. As mentioned earlier, it’s not about proving to people how loved the deceased was by going all out on the arrangements, but being able to mourn in comfort without putting a burden on your loved ones.

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