How to Start Paper Plate making Business

How to Start Paper Plate making Business

One of the great substitutes of steel, glass and ceramic material plates and Kitchen wear are paper plate. For all specific occasions, people usually prefer paper plates. Due to usage on large scale, there is a great prominence of paper plates business in India. If you are also thinking about starting a paper plate making business then you are on a right pathway. The growth rate of this industry is very rapid and the profit margin is also high.  In order to help you to start the paper plate making business with ease and comfort here, we have structured this article.

Through this article, you will get to know how you can start your paper plate making business in India. Furthermore here you will also get the details regarding Paper Plate Machine Price along with manufacturing process and profit margin. So let’s start the journey of paper plate making business.

How to Start Paper Plate making Business

Usage of Paper Plates (Business Opportunity)

There are two ways in which people use paper plates.  The first category in which paper plates are used is domestic usage. Furthermore, the second category is commercial usage. Commercial usage means usage of Paper plates in marriage, event, function, and picnic and travel purpose. In domestic usage, people go for the paper plates to avoid the cleaning and losing things situations.  Paper plates are convenient to use, light at affordable also.

In commercial use, Paper plates get available at street shops to provide eateries, street hawkers and others similar to them. Consumption of paper plates is massive in commercial usage.

Paper Plate Making Business Plan

If you are thinking about starting up paper plate manufacturing unit then it is important to create a well comprehend business plan.  Business plan plays an important role because there is a huge paper plate market that is already grown up. While creating the plan must take care that your business must not be limited to manufacturing only,  it must include supply and Returns. With this article, you will get to know how you can set up a paper plate making a business/plant.

Requirements for opening a Paper Plate Manufacturing Plant

There are very basic requirements of paper plate manufacturing plant. In the below section we have stated the age requirement in detail take a look:

Land: The first requirement of a paper plate business plant is “land”., first of all, it is important to search a suitable land. The size of land doesn’t matter because a hundred square feet land will also be sufficient to set up the plant.

Water: The paper plate making plant required water constantly.  Hence it is important to provide a proper water supply to the plant.  If we talk about the amount of water usage then it is relatively high.

Electricity: As same as water electricity is equally important. In order to run the paper plate making machine properly, it is important to have a proper power supply along with the water pump and other electrical appliances. Paper plate making the machine and other equipment will require proper electrical supply and standard voltage to work properly.

Raw Material: Raw material also plays an important role in paper plate manufacturing. In order to manufacture paper plates, you are suggested to purchase the paper or paper rolls. As paper manufacturing also required a lot of time, money and material. In order to purchase paper, you can contact local scrap shops. Through the local scrap shops, you will get the paper at a small amount. You can easily get a quintal or 1000 kg of paper at a price of Rs. 5000 to 7000.

Manufacturing Machine: Paper plate manufacturing machines varies according to the price.  The most common variation in paper plate machines is the generation of paper plates per hour. Some paper plate manufacturing machines general rate 1000 to 2000 paper plates per hour.  On the other hand, there are several machines that generate 4000 to 7000 paper plates per hour.  Furthermore the paper plate machine price also where is on the basis of design, quality, type.  Normal paper plate machine you have to pay a price from Rs 75, 000 to Rs 500, 000.

Labor: Along with the resources, machines and raw material an important thing that required is labor. If you are setting up a paper plate manufacturing plant then you must need at least two or more people.  Hiring labor does not cost too much but it is important to provide proper training to them.

Feasibility Analysis of Paper Manufacturing Plan

Before starting any business it is important to have a feasibility analysis of that. Whenever you are going to start something with the capital you must go for feasibility analysis first. In order to set up a manufacturing Centre, you will require capital, time, raw material, resources, and labor. Hence it is important that you organize a feasibility test that can help you in getting a comprehensive report. In the below section we have given the some of the possible aspect of feasibility analysis.

Requirement of Resources

The first and foremost requirement to set up a manufacturing plant is “land”. You can also set up the manufacturing plant in your house with one machine. The second requirement of this business is paperwork. The paperwork will include registration, taxation, and permissions that are required. The third requirement of this setup is electricity and water supply. The manufacturing unit must be placed in a space that has all the basic amenities. Final requirements of this setup are raw material machine and labor.

Investment Required

There are many people who set up the paper plate manufacturing machines at their homes. the reason behind that is the high cost to be invested on land. After land, the most basic investment is the machinery. The cost of the machine actually a normal machine comes around rupees 75000 to 500000. Furthermore, you also need around 10 lakh rupees for Raw material, power supply, water, taxation, labor.  The whole amount comes at a sum of rupees 15 lacs. You can cut off the amount according to the necessities.

Return on Investment:

Your profit is directly based on the amount you have invested in your business. Start with a short amount of investment so that you will be comfortable with the return. Along with manufacturing, another factor that affects the business is marketing. Hence, it is important to have a proper network where you can supply your product.

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