How to Change date of birth in PAN card ?

Permanent Account Number is the code which acts as an identification for individuals, families and corporate, this card belongs to Indian as well as foreign individuals, especially those who are paying income tax. This PAN code consists of a unique 10 character alphanumeric identifier and this number will be issued to all judicial entities which is identifiable under the income tax act 1961.

This card is issued by Indian IT department under the control of Central board of direct taxes and this PAN card which is an important proof of identification of an individual. This card is also issued to the foreign nationals named as valid visa.

Structure of PAN card

This PAN card which consists of 10 characters, along with alphanumeric unique identifier, this card is compulsory for majority of financial transactions which includes opening a bank account, while receiving taxable salary or professional fees, while sale or purchase of any assets, and to say in simple words it is needed mainly for high value transactions.

How to Change date of birth in PAN card

This card was mainly introduced in order to bring universal identification for all financial transactions and mainly to prevent tax evasion by keeping on monitoring transactions.

How to change birth date in PAN card

If the date of birth has been wrongly printed on a PAN card then a PAN card holder should change or correct the date of birth in a PAN card through PAN card correction and reprint application, the application form should be applied from NSDL or UTI. This correction can be made through online application as well as offline.

Through offline this applicant can apply for correction through TIN-FC official which is pan card office.

The correction of birth date through online method

Online method is one of the easiest processes to apply for a pan card or even for the correction in the PAN card

First you have to reprint your PAN card through NSDL or UTITSL websites. In that you have to drop down menu under application type and you have to select changes or correction in the existing PAN data and you have to reprint the PAN card then enter the captcha code and click submit

The second step is you have to submit your PAN document that is you need to correct your date of birth, so you have to submit the proof of date of birth document. And make sure that all the details have been entered and click next button to proceed.

And the next step is you have to pay fee for revision of PAN card or reprint of PAN card which costs for around Rs. 120 for Indians and Rs. 1040 for those who are in outside India then click pay confirm.

The next step is this will be authenticated via Aadhar card and you will be having your Aadhaar number below please tick the box and click to authenticate.

All the personal details must be matched with your Aadhar card and click to continue.

Then it will generate OTP enter OTP number and submit.

Thus finally the application form will be submitted and it will be downloaded in a PDF form and therefore the full process is completed and your PAN card will be updated and it will be reprinted after the process this will be sent to your address.


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