How to Calculate Retained earnings on a Balance Sheet ?

Lets see How to calculate Retained earnings on a balance sheet .

What are retained earnings?

Retained earnings which is the portion of a business for profits which are not distributed as dividend to the shareholders of the company but they are reserved for reinvestment back into the business these are known as retained earnings. This one’s which are used for the working capital and also which is fixed asset purchases and they are used as allotted for paying off debt obligations.

This retained earnings which are reported on the balance sheets which hold under the shareholders equity section at the end of each and every accounting period. The amount produced which is added to the net income or loss and then which is dividend payouts and are subtracted.

How to calculate Retained earnings on a balance sheet

What is the purpose of retained earnings?

Retained earnings which represent the link statement between the income statement and the balance sheet which is recorded under shareholders equity and later which connects the two statements. The main purpose of retaining these earnings are which can be varied at the end of the movement and also which includes buying new equipment and machines which is spend on research and development mainly this investment to the company which helps to achieve more earnings in the future

On what basis shareholders by shares in a company

Investors who often by share in a company without knowing any knowledge of its financial statements for any instance they will not know the company’s balance sheet at all the company’s balance sheet which will tell you about the assets liabilities and also the retained earnings will be completely shown throughout its history.

So one of the basic relationship in the balance sheet is assets or liabilities and stock holders’ equity as its name implies that the balance sheet must have a balance to do some assets on the company’s books there has to be some balance and also there has to be some equal to the sum of companies are liabilities and also its stockholders equity.

Stockholders equity which is categorized into two main categories first category which includes capital which type typically appears into the common stock line and the second one is retained earnings which represents the money that the company has made income during its history and also which has chosen to hold onto a rather than paying out in dividends.

How to calculate Retained earnings on a balance sheet

So retained earnings are calculated by the company by using the balance sheet which will tell you the retained earnings of the company. And other method is you can calculate this by using two processes

The first step you have to look at the total amount of assets and liabilities in the company and then you subtract the liabilities from assets and the left one is the stockholders equity.

And the second processes you have to look at the common stock line which is denoted on the balance sheet. In that if you determine that only two items in the stockholders equity which are common stock and retained earnings just you have to take the total stockholders equity and then you subtract the common stock line item figure. Difference you get it be retained earnings.

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