Money making Agriculture Business Ideas

Money making Agriculture Business Ideas

Since decades agriculture and farming has taken a special place. What has been changing is the early men’s traditional method to the modern day advanced mode of cultivation. Then even comes the change in the type, variety of crop, selection of seeds, spaces, human requirements and many other causes.

In a country like India, it’s around 18 % of GDP and around 50 % or more than that employed into agriculture. For better opportunities in agriculture sector there are a lot more of ideas to put in and bring out a profitable agricultural business with ideas for young entrepreneurs. Even though the traditional agriculture might sound a bit dull, still there are some to make it better in the most efficient way.

Money making Agriculture Business Ideas

Why so

For the starters there matters the investment costs, which is generally low and the payouts are even decent. When it’s the organic farming the opportunities has bought on a manifold. The agriculture might prove itself to be the best way for life away from the growing competition and stressful corporate life. Today agriculture business has bought on the best source to income.

Vegetable farming

There are a good number of veggies like spinach, lettuce, pumpkin, broccoli, cabbage and cucumber being consumed every day. It’s not just in a particular part of the country but globally and is considered as a large market for vegetables. Better for a sustainable agriculture, the crop cultivation business is considered the best ones.

Mushroom farming

Now days, mushroom farming is one of the profitable agricultural business. This is considered the best ones for the young mass who are interested to do it and give a new dimension to the agriculture sector. For this there is a turnaround period of only 3 weeks and do have a huge profit potential with a great demand for good quality and organic mushroom being considered the highest among the food industry as well as house hold.

Agri business transportation

In many locations, the farmer’s encounters lack of transportation which creates problem for their business. So you can also make on with agri business transportation.  You can also charge for the programme to make the best performance in agriculture.


Livestock house construction

For agriculture, there are a good way to serve through by providing construction of poultry firms, dairy farming cubicles and other farming structures for the use by farmers to rear their livestock.

Poultry equipment manufacturing

This is being used by skilled artisans who are willing to construct various equipments that are needed for poultry farm with welders, carpenters, electricians and others. You can also learn a good number of specifications needed for the poultry equipments and implement that to your business.

Poultry product distribution

For a better income in agricultural business, you can also take on with chicken and egg distribution business. This is going to help the poultry farmers and help you buy their stock and resell them in the market to that of whole sellers and retailers.

Apart from that, there are fertilizer distribution businesses and many more which would really stand on the way to money making agricultural business ideas.


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