Review of DealGuru : A Branch of AskMeBazaar

India has undergone a great change over the past few years and it’s due to the fact that the shopping industry is moving onto the online platform. Online shopping is pretty famous in the western society but in this Asian perspective, things aren’t similar. But, people are getting more attention from the online users and this is driving them towards making online platform that’s far more effective than regular shopping outlets. AskMeBazaar has opened their new online outlet “DealGuru” to make a hospitable solution for the online buyers and sellers.


Advantages for Buyers

Buyers feel really insecure when it comes to shopping in online portals, especially, in a country like India, where the concept is still pretty raw. Plus, many absurd sellers cheat the customers by taking advanced payment and not giving the product later on. In a place like this, AskMaBazaar made a brave and a large attempt to clear all the doubt out of customers’ minds to ensure a safe platform like DealGuru to ensure the best shopping experience even if the product turns out to be a problematic one.

–         Offers wide range of products
–         Multiple payment methods
–         Home Delivery
–         Cancellation of orders (conditions applied)
–         Return cost or refund is provided by parent company AskMeBazaar if any problems occur



Advantages for Sellers

When you’re buying something from DealGuru, you’re not actually buying DealGuru’s product. You’re dealing with a seller that’s ensured by DealGuru. DealGuru is the place where those sellers find a place to sell their products. Once you try to buy any product from DealGuru’s website by following this link –, you’ll get the names of the actual seller on the right side.

If you’re a seller and want to find a good place where thousands of buyers are roaming, DealGuru is the first place on Indian online shopping world that you want to be in.

–         Sellers can find thousands of pure organic traffic

–         Sellers don’t need to have a domain or run their website

–         DealGuru deals with the deliveries

–         After each delivery, Sellers receive their part of the payment

Payment Methods

For security purposes, DealGuru provides a lot of payment procedures. You can either pay by credit cards or else if you feel too insecure, you can also choose Cash-On Delivery services. In this way, you can make payment by cash once it reaches your door steps. This is a unique service for those who feel cheated while making any purchase.

Use of Coupons/ Discounts

DealGuru also offer coupon cards and discount. In the billing section, you can redeem your offer by providing the coupon card and use it to buy products while enjoying a hefty amount of discount. In this way you can save while shopping.

Final Verdict

You cannot always see a Bollywood superstar like KanganaRanaut starring an online shop’s advertisement. If you’ve not seen DealGuru’s ad by her, check it out by clicking on this link-

DealGuru is here to change your shopping experiences and offers a whole bunch of products to choose right from your home.

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