Professional Cleaning for a Spotless Image

Every business owner knows how important it is to present a professional image to the public and their potential clients. First impressions are very important, so it is essential that any building that is open to potential customers be kept spotlessly clean at all times. Whether the facility in question is a commercial building, an industrial complex or a healthcare facility, clients and employees alike depend on a clean and safe environment.


Unless a business is large enough to support an in-house cleaning and facilities management department, an outside service is typically contracted to ensure the building and outdoor spaces are professionally cleaned and maintained. Although efficient and economical cleaning is an important consideration when it comes to hiring the right cleaning company, the use of “green” cleaning products and processes are usually taken into consideration. Kleenmark is one of several Fox Valley commercial cleaners that serve the Midwestern state of Wisconsin, as well as Northern Illinois and Northern Michigan.

Hospitals and medical care facilities can feel confident the specialized training their cleaning service requires its employees to complete will result in the highest level of diligence required for safety. Medical facilities must have the assurance that their cleaning service is knowledgeable about infection control, how to handle contaminants and personal protective equipment.

There are several key factors that a business must consider when deciding which cleaning service they should hire. Positive references are essential and should probably be the first factor on the checklist. The janitorial service should employ an experienced cleaning staff that will continue to receive additional training. Any commercial cleaning company should be bonded and fully insured to provide the best security and protection of the business they work for, and all their certifications should be verified as up to date. The cleaning service should be available to coincide with the time schedule needed to satisfy the janitorial needs of their client, and their references should show they are always dependable.

The janitorial and cleaning service requirements of business owners and facilities managers across the country are typically very similar. Responsible businesses need to make sure they provide a clean and safe environment for their employees, the public and their prospective clients.

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