Everything You Need to Know About Text Analysis Software

Before purchasing text analysis software, you should understand what it can do. There are many factors to consider when choosing the right software for your business. These factors include the type of data you have, your business goals, and the software’s capabilities. Of course, the best way to ensure you’re making the right decision is to test out a proof of concept using real-world text data. You’ll be amazed at the results!

Getting started with text analysis software

Choosing text analysis software for your company can be an overwhelming task. The decision to invest in the software is often based on the features and functionality of the program but also on the type of data you need to analyze. Before investing in a text analysis tool, consider the following tips. Before purchasing a text analysis tool, perform a proof of concept using real text data. After all, if the software can’t show you what you want to see, you’re wasting money.


First, you’ll want to define a topic. A topic is a collection of related themes, concepts, and words. For example, a utility company customer might say that a dual tariff is expensive, but they mean the same thing. Then, they might say that the double pricing package they’re considering is costly. Then, another customer will say that the utility company’s dual tariff is expensive, but they use different words to refer to the same topic.



Text analysis is an essential tool for analyzing data from various sources, including customer support tickets, emails, social media comments, and more. This type of software is beneficial for companies that deal with unstructured data, which could take hours to analyze manually. By applying these methods, text analysis software can help you understand your customers and their needs and build better products and services. However, before using text analysis software, here are a few things you need to know.


Tableau – This data visualization software helps organizations work with virtually any kind of data. Its powerful visualization features allow users to spot trends and patterns within a text. It also lets developers tag information according to predefined contexts. If you’re unfamiliar with data visualization, Tableau offers a free trial version and tutorials to help you get started. This software is easy to use and can make text analysis easier for your company.


Sentiment analysis

The first piece of software to analyze social media sentiment is Talkwalker. This program analyzes mentions and tweets to detect primary forms of sarcasm and other types of irony. The dashboard-driven software also integrates with Slack and third-party tools such as Google Social Search and Media Monitoring. Unfortunately, it is not available for free, but you can try it out for a week or so.


Sentiment analysis software helps to analyze data and understand customer sentiment. A business can use it to validate new products and identify market trends and fellow competitors. By monitoring competitors, you can learn what works and what doesn’t. Moreover, you can locate areas of disappointment and a potential customer base to improve your products. A successful business will understand the market trends and respond to these trends to keep up with the competition. In the case of online reviews, the software allows you to understand what your customers think about your product.


Automated topic recommendations

Automated topic recommendations can help businesses make better decisions based on massive data. With this technology, companies can identify brand promoters and other key trends. The best part? It doesn’t require coding or data science skills. This article will give you the lowdown on some of the best software to help with an automated topic recommendation. Also, it’s important to note that text analysis software is only as good as human talent.


Using topic modeling, companies can better understand the content of documents. As a result, they can automatically categorize texts based on the topic. Topic modeling is also a great way to speed up human-dependent processes by routing support tickets to the right people. However, automated topic recommendations with text analysis software require supervised learning algorithms. These require you to feed the algorithm with labeled documents to make recommendations.


Training resources

There are many different types of text analysis software. Some are easy to set up and use in a matter of hours, while others require months of training. Although time spent training is necessary, the time saved can be better spent developing your customer’s experience with the software. Check the training resources for your text analysis software and get a clear idea of the process. In some cases, rules will need to be configured for different languages.


One of the most common methods is to use the TAMS convention to identify themes within the text. This convention was originally created for ethnographic and discourse research. By using this software, you can assign ethnographic codes to passages and extract coded information. The software is open-source, released under the GPL v2, and includes full support for Mac OS X. Aylien provides a free trial version and other software resources.



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