Digital Time Clocks Save Company Funds

When it comes to tracking employee time, accuracy is key. Labor accounts for one of the largest expenses that most companies face, and it is important to keep accurate records of employee time. Using electronic time clocks and individual ID cards will protect your business and help you save money on payroll and other labor related costs.

How Companies Overpay for Labor 

There are many ways that employees can steal time off the clock, both intentionally and accidentally. Arriving late and leaving early means that your company is paying for minutes each day when no work is performed. If the employee leaves early and returns late from a break, you could be paying thousands of dollars a year in unworked time. Multiply this by multiple employees and you have a huge crisis. With a digital time clock system, you only pay for the hours that your staff is actually working.


Why Use Time Clocks? 

Simply put, time clocks help to prevent human error. While many discrepancies in employee time is caused by intentional abuse, like buddy punching, some errors are just honest mistakes. With digital time clocks, these factors are eliminated. Some time clocks are outfitted with biometric scanning features that allow you to record a retinal scan or fingerprint as positive identification. This means that you only pay for the time that is actually worked.

Why Personal Identification Cards? 

It is important to know who is who in your company. Identification cards help ensure the safety of your staff, visitors and vendors. You can hire an outside company to print these cards or simply purchase an ID card printer to create them onsite. Visit an online retailer to find the best deals on ID card printers and start printing up your own cards right from your office. With plug and play capability, you can easily set up your system without having to spend hours training your staff or learning the system.

Digital time clocks can be a helpful tool in cutting company costs. Even if your workers are on the road or in the field, you can track their time with cloud based systems that allow you to see all of your recorded time at a glance. Create custom reports that you can integrate with your accounting systems and use to easily manage your budget. With a digital time clock, you can always ensure that you only pay for hours that are actually worked.

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