Money Saving – A Few Epic Tips

When you’re strapped for cash and need to make a few cut backs, it can be difficult to know where to start. Sometimes you think you’ve saved in every way you can. However, often we aren’t aware of all the different ways it’s possible to save money. Why? Because no ones told us! Which is exactly why our epic money saving tips could help you find at least one answer to your cashflow problems:

Get Rid Of Your Credit Card Debt

If you can’t clear your credit card balance monthly, opt for a low-cost loan instead.

Change Fuel Suppliers

Don’t just stick with the same fuel suppliers – shop around and don’t be afraid to haggle.

Haggle Your Mobile Contract Down Or Get Pay-As-You-Go

If you’re paying out loads monthly on your contract, call your operator to try and bag a better deal where you at least get more for the money you’re spending. Alternatively if your contract is coming up, shop around to get a cheaper deal or end the contract and go for Pay-As-You-Go where you won’t be able to overspend.

Shop For The Week

Don’t make the mistake of popping in and out of the shops every other day to get what you fancy. Decide your budget, make a shopping list and stick to it. Plan your meals and avoid buying into ‘special offers’ that don’t actually benefit you. You might have to be strict but your purse will appreciate it.

Opt For Cheaper Brands

You may prefer certain food brands to others, but are there certain items you buy just because you assume cheaper ones are of a lesser quality? Next time you shop, try to buy a cheaper version of all the items you buy where possible. You might be surprised how you don’t even notice the difference, which means you’ll keep buying the cheaper brands in future and continue saving money.


Consider Recycling Your Old Phones

Recycling your old phones is a really easy way to get yourself a bit of extra cash. They just sit in your drawer getting dusty, so why not make the most of them and recycle them? Some models can demand over £100, which is pretty great for something you don’t even use anymore. You can even recycled broken mobiles as well.

Don’t Buy New, Have A Swap Shop

Rather than buying new clothes, why not hold a swap shop with your friends? Take all of your old or unwanted clothes and deal them out to your friends who will in turn do the same. If you feel your items are worth more than simply ‘giving them away’ have a rule where everyone brings an item of clothing worth a certain amount, so no one feels cheated when they swap.

Learn To Say No And Be Creative

You need to learn to say no to your children’s requests for items you can’t afford, and to friends and family inviting you out when you simply can’t afford it. That doesn’t mean the fun has to be completely lost though. Why not be creative and do fun free things with the kids like take them to the park or have a picnic in the living room? Kids will forget about that new toy very quickly when they’re having fun.

With nights out with friends and family, again be creative and suggest alternative types of meetup like a baking afternoon at your house where everyone brings their own ingredients, or a ‘potluck’ event where everyone comes over to you and brings a different kind of food to try, so it could be a vegan potluck, a BBQ potluck or even a vintage potluck. That way everyone contributes and no one has to pay for all the food on their own, plus you all get to try different dishes.

These are just a few epic money saving tips. Remember the more you think outside the box and learn to compromise, the more money you will save. Good luck!

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